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Cost of Living

It is recommended that you budget between $250 – $350 at Hills and $300 – $400 at City, per week, per person. This would cover accommodation, electricity, food, local phone calls, some transport and some general living costs. These figures are guidelines only.

College Accommodation

Hillsong College leases apartments and/or houses in the community which are then sublet to students. You will need to sign a Rental Contract when you arrive. The arrangement for accommodation is for a minimum period of one complete semester of study.

Students pay rent every two weeks by one of the following options: credit card, direct deposit from an Australian bank account, or BPay via phone/internet. It is necessary for all students within the Hillsong College Accommodation system to keep up to date with rental payments. Students who continuously fail to pay their rent on time may be suspended from college and may be asked to vacate their accommodation.

Prior to their arrival, students are required to pay a $250 AUD Utilities and Maintenance Fee. The Utilities and Maintenance Fee is non-refundable and will be used to cover final bills (electricity,  gas, water, minor cleaning) at the end of the student’s tenancy.

Most College Accommodation is rented on an unfurnished basis. There is often furniture left from previous students, but the main item to obtain is a bed. The rest of the furniture (lounges, tables, electrical goods) can either be obtained cheaply from second hand stores, online, or other local furniture stores.

Hills Accommodation

Mainly suburban houses, generally located around two main student residential communities: Bella Vista (10-30 minutes from campus) or Glenwood (10-30 minutes from campus).

Average rent varies according to market conditions and currently ranges from $120-$160 per week, per person.

City Accommodation

Mixture of apartments and houses, generally located around: Waterloo, Alexandria and Zetland (10-15 minutes from campus)

Average rent currently is $190 per week, per person.

Married Couples

Married couples can apply for college accommodation in the same manner as single students but should remember that all costs are calculated per person. We suggest a weekly budget as a couple will start from $500 per week including accommodation, bills, food and minimal transport cost.


We encourage families to source their own accommodation privately, due to the different size and requirements of each family. We have a team of married students ready to assist you and in many cases even house you for a short period, until suitable accommodations can be found. College will be in contact with helpful information to guide you through this process. Before arriving you can visit the following websites: Search for suburbs surrounding our Hills campus within walking distance or a 10-20 minute drive from campus: Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Glenwood, Stanhope Gardens, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge, Blacktown, Seven Hills, Rouse Hill and Castle Hill. Most of these suburbs have schools close by.

Please note that the Australian Government requires that school age children must be enrolled in a school before arrival. See