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Bachelor of Theology

CRICOS NSW 00958A, 080051D

Hillsong College is pleased to offer you the opportunity to study on campus a degree program delivered by Alphacrucis College (CRICOS Provider Code: 00958A). The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is designed to prepare students for ministry in the Church of the 21st Century. Areas of specialisation in Christian Studies, Biblical Studies, and Theology are explored alongside ways to worship God with one’s life. It is a dynamic and inspiring program that allows you to customise the subject areas that are most suitable to prepare you for your life and ministry.

If you have a call to international ministry or business, this is the place for you to make global connections with like-minded people, whilst studying Theology!

Course Structure: For more information on the structure of the Bachelor of Theology please visit


Duration of Degree

Studying the BTh at the Hillsong Campus will enable you to be connected to Hillsong Church, attend Hillsong College Chapel services and be a part of a life-giving student community.

There are three different pathways into the Bachelor of Theology, which determines the duration of the course.

Option 1: Bachelor of Theology – 3 years Full Time

Successful Completion of a Hillsong Diploma of Ministry or Advanced Diploma of Ministry enables students to receive advanced standing in the degree

Option 2:
HILC Diploma ( 2 years of Study) + 16 BTh Subjects (2 years Full Time) = Bachelor of Theology (4 years full-time total)

Option 3:
HILC Advanced Diploma (3 years of Study) + 12 BTh Subjects (1.5 years Full Time) = Bachelor of Theology (4.5 years Full time)

Semesters available
January and July (2 intakes a year)

How to Apply
Please follow this link and click on “Apply for Bachelor of Theology”



Got a question?

We've taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions below!

Q: How do I apply?

A: You can apply for the degree stream by clicking this link and filling out the online application form.

Q: How much time do I spend in classes?

A: Full-time study is four subjects per semester. Each subject has 1 three-hour lecture each week with supplementary readings to be completed outside of class time. The exception to weekly classes is an intensive subject which runs at the beginning of a semester in which an entire semester’s worth of content is covered in 1-2 weeks.

Q: How much does the degree stream cost?

A: In 2016 the degree stream will cost $1,650 per subject or $6,600 per semester.

Q: Is the degree stream offered at both Hills and City campuses?

A: Currently the degree program operates only at the Hills campus. Please note that even though the Hills location is our only campus a number of classes can be taken in the city each semester.

For questions relating to Hillsong College as a whole please refer to the FAQ page.

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