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Visa Information

Visa Information

Student Visa Requirements

International Students (that is, students who are not Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents) must obtain a Student Visa to study in Australia.

Student Visas are issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). To apply for a Student Visa students will require a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), a document that is issued by the education provider (in this case Hillsong College). A CoE can only be issued to a student after they have been accepted into Hillsong College and the minimum fee payment has been made. Once the CoE is received, the student will need to apply for a Student Visa by contacting DIBP or their closest Australian Embassy (see

To apply for a Student Visa online please visit this link. Student Visa applications can take anywhere from a few days to 3 months to be processed. Please note that students cannot submit a Student Visa application more than 90 days prior to the enrolment date of their chosen education provider.

If you have school aged children you will need to provide evidence that they have been enrolled in either public or private schooling and that you are able to support them whilst you are in Australia.

For further information about Student Visas please contact DIBP – – or your closest Australian Embassy.

Overseas Health Insurance

All International Students are required to pay for Health Cover as part of their Visa requirements. When enrolling into the course you have the option to include Health Cover. Hillsong College partners with ‘nib’ to provide students with Health Cover. The College will set up the policy in your name before you arrive and your nib card will be available for you at enrolment. Please visit for more information.

Attendance and working as an International student

While you are at College

In order to maintain the requirements of your Visa, please note of the following:

Satisfactory Attendance: 80% attendance of your course is required.

All students are required to maintain an acceptable standard of course progress throughout the semester. Progress is monitored regularly and support is offered to students who are not progressing satisfactorily. An unsatisfactory level of progress is when a student receives marks of “Not Yet Competent” in more than 50% of a semester’s assessments.

When a student has received marks of ‘Not Yet Competent’ in more than 50% of their assessments, a supportive strategy (or Course Intervention Strategy) will be implemented.

Students must meet the requirements of the college in ‘Attendance and Behavioural Policies’ to maintain their place in the course.

Working on a Student Visa

A Student Visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week during studying periods, and unlimited hours during semester breaks. To find out more about working on a Student Visa please visit