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Colour Cape Town 2017

Are there still tickets available?

Both Conference 1 and 2 are at capacity but be sure to secure your spot for Colour 2018!

What are the opening and closing times for Colour?

Wednesday and Friday
Registrations open 03:00pm.
Doors open 06:00pm.
Conference starts 07:00pm – 9:30pm.

Thursday and Saturday
Registrations open 07:00am.
Doors open 08:00am.
Conference starts 09:00am-8:30pm.

Where can I find the Conference schedule?

Conference information emails will be sent to all delegates in the weeks leading up to Colour. It will also contain information on where to pick up your registration pack on the day. You can find the online program at HERE.

How can I ensure that I’m sitting with my friends/family/group?

If you wish to sit with your friends/family/group at Colour, we encourage delegates to head to the Swop Zone as soon as registrations open in order to swop tickets with another delegate. Most delegates have success at our Swap Zone area.

How do I change my group leader?

Unfortunately we are unable to make changes to group leaders.

Can my kids come to Colour?

Our Kids Team is ready and excited to host your kids during Colour Conference! Kids registrations are available at www.hillsongevents.org/colour.

For newborn babies, we will have Parents Rooms available.

Can my kids sit in with me at the conference?

If necessary, kids will be able to sit on the parents lap, however we take Colour as an opportunity to invest into our kids through our wonderful kids program.

The program runs for children aged 1 and walking to 12 year olds. Parents will need to fetch their children during the lunch and dinner breaks to feed them.

Where do I register my kids?

You can register your kids HERE.

What is the price of the Colour Kids program?

Wednesday or Friday Night: R60
Thursday or Saturday: R120
Full conference: R180

What if my child is younger than 1 year old?

Kids who are under the age of one are able to sit in conference with their parent provided they sit on the parent’s lap. Alternatively, we have a Parents Room outside of Door 1 where parents are allowed to sit with their children while still being able to enjoy the conference.

Am I able to swap my ticket for the other conference?

There will be a ticket swap zone at the conference however it is not guaranteed that you will find someone to swap your ticket with.

Do I have to attend Colour to serve?

We encourage all our volunteers to get registered however those who are unable to register are still able to serve outside the auditorium.

Where do I sign up to serve?

To serve at Colour you can register HERE.

How can I change my address or email address?

Please send an email colourconference@hillsong.co.za and we will ensure your information is updated.

How do I organise accommodation?

Delegates are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Am I able to cancel my registration?

Tickets cannot be cancelled nor refunded, however in certain situations beyond the delegates’ control, we are happy to see how we can assist you.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Yes, please email colourconference@hillsong.co.za for assistance.

Can I transfer my ticket to next year’s Colour Conference?

Tickets are non-transferable nor non- refundable.

Can I get mobility assistance seating?

We are more than happy to provide mobility assistance seating. Please email pastoral.cc@hillsong.co.za, who will be happy to host you during Conference.

Is food included in my registration?

Meals are not included in your ticket price, however there are great restaurants and cafes where you can purchase lunch and dinner during Conference.

Where do I park?

The Grand West Arena has secure all-day parking at a rate of R10 per day.

Is there public transport available?

The Goodwood Metrorail train station is directly adjacent to the Grand West Arena.

How do I create and save my notes on the Colour Conference App?

1. Create a new note by tapping on the blue “+” icon found on the notes page.

2. Type in a session title in the subject bar at the top of the note, e.g. “Sisterhood Session”.

3. Select the session title.

4. Type your note.

5. Finally, don’t forget to save your note by clicking the check ✓ icon at the top right-hand corner of the note.