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is a global movement for women, by women
to equip and encourage women to make a difference in their generation.



Hi Girls!

We have the honor of hosting one of the Colour Conferences here in Phoenix in 2017. This is an opportunity like none we’ve ever had before.

Colour is a first-class women’s conference that is annually held in the Sydney Entertainment Center in Australia, the Wembley Arena in London, Madison Square Garden in NYC, and in the best venues in Cape Town, Kiev, and now LA and Phoenix. We will be transforming our environments to present the Good News to the women in our world with such beauty and elegance that it can be a life-lifting experience for each one. We will be bringing in our Senior Pastor, special speakers, and Hillsong worship leaders from around the world.

If you will invest by faith in God for yourself and the girls you love, God will meet our faith in ways we cannot even dream of. This is an opportunity not unlike the 12 spies in the wilderness choosing to believe God’s word and enter the promise land. We do not want to draw back in fear or selfishness when we are presented an opportunity to be part of a company of women who are changing the landscape of the future for God’s girls. We can demonstrate that we want to be part of the solution in our community and learn new things about our place in history and the greatest cause on earth. The moment is worth so much more than the cost of registration.

Let’s stretch and grow so we can become more useful in the field of hearts we are assigned to win for Jesus.

Love you!

Judith Crist
Lead Pastor
Hillsong Phoenix



The Sisterhood is gathering on Thursday mornings on every campus because we believe in the power of community and a collective spirit.
We’ll gather for service on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, and for groups on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays.
There’s something every Thursday morning on your campus!

Begins January 26, 2017
930AM Tea & Toast | 10AM Gathering

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The 500 Project

The 500 Project is an opportunity for individuals to contribute to our collective strategy. Your financial involvement can bring light into darkness, peace to conflict and hope to the hopeless by simply gathering together and contributing as one. It may or may not be a huge amount to you, but to countless others less fortunate, it can dramatically change their lives.

500 Projects are an extension of our Heart for the World campaign and focus on our CityCare initiatives. Projects will be posted soon. To stay informed as Projects are opened please register below.