What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith.

Typically run over eleven weeks, each session looks at a different question that people can have about faith and is designed to create conversation. It’s just an open, informal and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.

Who Is Alpha For?

Whether you’re just checking it out, new to faith, or coming back to church, you are welcome. Alpha is for anyone who is curious about the Christian Faith with discussions designed to encourage conversation around the basics of the Christian faith. At Alpha, no question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

What Happens At Alpha?

At each Alpha session, we will have a meal, a short talk, and a small group discussion where you can share your thoughts.

How Can I Sign Up For Alpha?

Register online via Planning Center or visit the next steps table in the lobby!