Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Relationships Australia recently launched results from their Loneliness Research in September 2018, which revealed that “one in 10 Australians lack social support and one in six is experiencing emotional loneliness – that is, they don’t have a sufficient number of meaningful relationships in their lives to sustain and nurture them, particularly through difficult times.” There are many vulnerable people in our local communities to whom we offer both practical and social support.

Community Gatherings

Community Gatherings

Previously known as Street Teams, Community Gatherings provide a safe, consistent meeting place for individuals and families in neighbourhoods facing various challenges or vulnerabilities.

Partnering with various community services, these opportunities to gather in local neighbourhoods look to build community resilience by providing positive social connections and ways to access other services and supports.

The relational connection that our volunteers foster through these gatherings help us to identify families that might need further assistance who we are then able to refer to appropriate networks of support.

We are currently operating this program in New South Wales and Queensland.

Street Teams: Nursing Home Visitations

Street Teams: Nursing Home Visitations

Our volunteers’ main goal is to build relationship and social connection with residents by singing, playing musical instruments, playing board games and having conversations.

“Hillsong Street Teams has been visiting Anglican Retirement Village (ARV) Nursing Homes for a long time. Their consistency, warm and joyful nature is unforgettable. Residents are overwhelmed with joy at their singing and positive social interaction. They offer our residents so much value, even through gifts and celebrations of big days, but most of all they offer a listening ear. Residents in the dementia specific unit ask when is the next concert and… love to see them walk through the door.”

Shane Watson, Pastoral & Lifestyle Carer at ARV Nursing Homes, Castle Hill

Prison Chaplaincy

Prison Chaplaincy

Prison Support Services

CityCare aims to support men and women who are currently incarcerated in the NSW prison system and when they are released into community.

We provide:

• Chaplaincy Visits  

• Chapel Services 

• Family Support: Pastoral Care, Information & Referral Services

Villawood Immigration Detention Centre

CityCare aims to support men and women detained in a Federal immigration detention system. In many cases men and women can be detained for long periods of time while awaiting visa/tribunal outcomes. Separation from families, social connections and loss of employment coupled with a sense of uncertainty is a cause for anxiety and distress for many.   

We provide:

• Chaplaincy Visits

• Sunday Services: ‘Villawood Extension Service’ 

• Mid-Week Bible-Study   

• Family Support: Pastoral Care, Information Services

• Telephone Pastoral Support Service 

Our team is part of the JIGSAW community network supporting post-release programs and affiliated with Australian Prison Fellowship for volunteer ‘prison visitation’ induction and training. We also work alongside custodial staff, community groups  and police.  

All volunteers for the correctional and immigration centres must undertake State and/or Federal police checks and relevant training. In addition all volunteers must comply with code of conduct practices and regulations.




Our Playgroups are a weekly educational 90-minute program geared for children aged 0-5 years with a parent or carer. It provides a safe nurturing environment where children can learn social skills and enhance healthy early brain development through play. They also help to develop a child’s resilience and ability to cope with new situations and manage change.

Parents and caregivers in their season of raising young children are able to support one another through sharing ideas, parenting experiences, concerns and information. Families are given a regular opportunity through playgroups to enjoy shared time and foster long-term friendships as their children grow up together in a healthy community.

Playgroups currently run on Wednesdays during the school term at the Hills Campus (Baulkham Hills) and in our Inner West Campus (Mortlake).



WEDNESDAYS during the school terms.


10:30am to 12:00pm

COST:  Gold coin donation

See Facebook page for information and announcements.


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PHONE: 1300 535353

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