Community Education


We offer a range of short courses to educate and help people develop life skills that allow them to move forward in life.

If you are interested in attending any of these courses, please email [email protected] for details.


ShineWOMEN is for each woman to develop an understanding of her own personal worth, strength and purpose and in doing so realise their full potential. This personal development course is life changing and also equips you to reach out to women in your world.


ShineGIRL is an accredited course designed for teenage girls to develop an understanding of her personal worth, strength and purpose. It is a great platform for young women to develop a strong foundation and realise their full potential.


Strength is an accredited personal development course for young males to equip them to discover and strengthen their value, identity and potential. The course encourages boys that they can make right choices to be significant contributors to their world.

English Conversation Classes

We provide English Conversation Classes (ECC) at no cost to the community in a warm and friendly environment, to help people in our multi-lingual and diverse society who are struggling to connect because of the language barrier.

English Conversation Classes cover all levels from elementary to upper intermediate. We also offer refreshments between classes to allow students and teachers to have informal discussions and make new friends. We currently run these classes in Sydney and Brisbane.

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