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What is a Kingdom Builder?

Kingdom Builders are the financial leaders within Hillsong Church. Everyday people with a conviction to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth through their generosity. Our Kingdom Builders make an annual commitment to contribute generously each year to the Hillsong Foundation.

The Kingdom Builder Experience.

Our Kingdom Builders gather for supper and breakfast events throughout the year, and an annual retreat in the Hunter Valley. On a local level, Kingdom Builders are often leading in the areas of Connect Groups, Business Groups and local gatherings at their campus.


What is a Vision Impacter?

Vision Impacters are the emerging generation of generosity leaders. People who have the gift of giving and a desire to see their capacity to be able to do more expand! Our Vision Impacters also make an annual commitment to the Hillsong Foundation, and while the amount they give might not yet be the same as our Kingdom Builders, their faith, commitment and passion for Jesus are just as prevalent!

The Vision Impacter Experience.

Our Vision Impacters gather regularly throughout the year at our Investment Nights. These nights are intended to input to our Vision Impacters (and broader church community) in a way that practically equips and inspires them to make a significant difference in the spheres of influence in which they find themselves.
Our Vision Impacters also have the chance to be part of mentoring relationships within our Kingdom Builder and Business Connect communities.



Sharing from his own journey of living an “all in” life, and telling the inspiring story of how Kingdom Builders first started within Hillsong Church, Andrew Denton will encourage and challenge you to take bold, wise steps of faith that will lead you on a path beyond your wildest dreams.


Simon & Kristina's Story

Ku-ring-gai Campus, Sydney

We decided early on in our marriage that we always wanted to put God first and see His Kingdom grow.

Kingdom Builders is a really practical and easy way that we can contribute to building God’s Kingdom. In the 5 years we have been part of it, we have seen extraordinary things achieved through Kingdom Builders and our own finances transformed.

We see it as a privilege to be a part of Kingdom Builders.

Louisa's Story

Sydney City Campus

To me, being a Kingdom Builder is one of the most important things I can do with money. When I read that Jesus asks us to "use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings" (in Luke 16:9), I realised that it is possible to use money for eternal purposes! That God gives us the ability to take something temporary, like money, and turn it into something eternal - I still can't fully comprehend what an incredible exchange is available to us! Once the needs of our families and dependants are met, what more important use of money can there be but to express the love and kindness of our Father to others in tangible, practical ways?

I also believe God has put a mandate on us to produce beyond our own consumption. As I have learned to open my hand to give back to God what he has given to me in the first place, my heart has grown to love more like Jesus loves and I am blessed from this alone. In giving, we become more like our Father, who is the ultimate Giver. Beyond that, God has also extremely generously poured even more blessing back into my own life over the years. It's true that I can't out-give God!

My heart falls apart at the amount of need in our world. In being a Kingdom Builder I know my giving goes, along with the giving of others, into good soil, and together we can go some way to meeting some of the needs of our planet's most vulnerable and hurting people. I have had people help me in life, and now I would like to help others.



Kingdom Builders, Eddie and Rachael have realised their dream of building a successful property development business over the past few years. The couple’s growing business was able to complete a big project last year, which received a fantastic result. Passionate about building God’s house, they have recently started leading Hillsong’s Hobart Campus. “We’ve continually seen God’s faithfulness in our lives, and count it the greatest honour to help build and finance His kingdom.”

Sam & Joanna's Story

South West Campus, Sydney

Looking back over the years we have been attending and volunteering at Hillsong, we have always felt encouraged, empowered and equipped to grow personally and especially when it comes to our business.

We love our church culture of generosity and thinking beyond.

Kingdom Builders gives us the opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves. This drives us to be all in and play our part.

As we all play our part, together we make a difference in the lives of others both globally and generationally.

Being part of Kingdom Builders is our way of outworking the great commission, of going into all nations to spread the gospel.

"Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities."

Isaiah 54:2-3 NLT