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Platform Team


Music Director

The MD is the band leader and is responsible for helping each musician through the worship service. They also work very closely with the worship leader to ensure that the service runs well and on time.


Musicians work together to produce an excellent sound with rehearsals and by knowing the songs for that service. Each musician supplies their own instrument and has access to music and tracks to help learn the songs


Vocal Director

Vocals in this role guide frontline vocals on Thursdays and Sundays. They have solid knowledge on vocal technique, warm ups and harmonies. They are expected to contact their team each week to help unify and clarify vocal roles and responsibility.

Frontline Vocal

FL Vocals who represent Hillsong Newcastle sing as a frontline vocal. They have the responsibility of learning songs and developing their vocal craft.


All vocals are encouraged to be a part of choir when it is required for special events and the odd service. Any person can sing in choir, the more the merrier to enhance its effectiveness.


Vocalist who operates the words and graphics for a service. They assist the TV team to display the words, graphics and timers. This role is a vital part of each service and we can’t operate without our graphics volunteers.

Worship Leaders

Worship Leader

The WL is the leader on platform. They work with the MD to bring the right choice of songs and dynamics to a particular service. It is imperative that the WL is spirit led and encourages our church to enter into worship. The WL also works closely with the Service Pastor and Campus Pastor to ensure that everything in the service runs smoothly.

Co-Worship Leader

The Co-WL is responsible to carry any moments that the WL needs them to sing out in. They are involved in the set list submission process. The Co-WL are learning and developing their skills as a Worship Leader.

Want to join the Platform Team?

We would love to have you!

Email Chelsea La Rosa, our Newcastle Creative Pastor, to join a team!
E: [email protected]

1300 53 53 53

St Philips Christian College Waratah (57 High St, Waratah NSW 2298, Australia)

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