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The COVID19 situation is ever changing, and we monitor any developments closely. This page will be kept up to date as much as possible, but please note that information is subject to change.

Youth Summercamp COVID19 Information

Our Hillsong Youth Department is committed to the safety of our young people. We are working to hold COVID safe Summercamps, and all activities will be conducted in line with government health orders and applicable COVID safety plans.

This year, we will ask everyone in attendance at our camps to undertake a rapid antigen COVID test that will be provided at each departure location (those already onsite or arriving directly to camp will be tested onsite). These will be professionally supervised at most Youth departure locations. If a non-negative test result is received, then the attendee will be directed to follow government health advice. When an attendee is unable to attend camp due to testing a full refund of their registration will be arranged.
At most locations a temperature check will also be required, and our check in team will be asking questions to ensure those who should be isolating or have symptoms are not attending camp (and should check applicable health directions).
This will form part of the full check in screening process at each departure location, including bag checks for Youth camps. If you would like further information please email [email protected]

These screening procedures are designed to minimize chances of COVID entering the camp environment. A number of COVID safety plans in place at different levels, including from Church, the Venue, and specific to each camp. The camp is almost entirely outdoors, and measures are in place during camp to minimize any potential spread. Professional deep cleaning will be performed. However, there is risk associated with attendance at any event or activity, and camp is a communal environment. For vulnerable people, we will be streaming portions of camp as part of our Youth Online Summer Season each Friday for the next few months. Please carefully read the FAQ below, and if you have further questions our team will be happy to help – email us at [email protected]


At Departure

What should I expect at departures? There is 3 main steps to departure: rapid antigen test, wristband pickup, and bag checks prior to bus boarding. Masks must be worn at all times by everyone except while taking test.

Who will be performing tests? Tests will be either self-administered with supervision, or performed by a trained medical professional. Update: Hills, City & South West departure points will have nasal tests performed by medical staff.

Can parents stay with their children during testing? Yes, parents can choose to stay with their children up until the bag check/bus boarding step (so for both COVID check and wristband pickup parents can be with children). We ask that wherever possible only 1 parent with no non-camp siblings chooses to stay to minimize crowding.

What if I get a non-negative test result? A second test will be administered to confirm the result.

What if I get a second non-negative result? Our team will discuss your situation, however you will not be able to depart for camp.

What if I have recently recovered from COVID (and so might receive a non-negative result)? You should present your isolation clearance note that NSW Health (or equivalent) would have SMS you at completion of your isolation period, and please ensure you have no symptoms. If you have not completed a PCR test (ie. been diagnosed via rapid antigen test) and so may not be in the Health system, then we require a clearance note from your doctor. Both of these are valid for 6 weeks (or otherwise noted expiry). You may like to test yourself with a rapid antigen to check your expected result.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend due to testing? Yes, we will be able to provide a full refund of registration if you are unable to attend camp due to non-negative test results.

Are tests nasal or saliva? A mix of both types of tests may be provided depending on location, we cannot guarantee the type of test that will be used.

Do I need to bring my own test? No, we will provide the rapid antigen tests.

Is this mandatory for everyone? Yes, every person attending the camp must undertake a test (including all our leaders, crew & contractors).

What about people already on site? Anyone onsite for attendee arrival will be tested prior.

Do I have to wear a mask at departures? Yes, to ensure the safest environment we ask that everyone at departures wear a facemask, even while outside.

Do I have to wear a mask on the bus? Yes, masks should be worn on the buses to and from camp.

What if I am not departing from one of the locations but arrive directly at the campsite? You will be tested upon arrival.

Can I come if I have symptoms? No, if you are experiencing symptoms you should not attend departure (or camp), and should follow health advice around testing.

Should I come if I am immunocompromised or considered a vulnerable person by NSW Health (or equivalent)? No, the best way to experience camp if you are unable to attend is via our Youth Online Summer Season, which has begin streaming every Friday with recordings from Summercamps across Australia.

Who do I talk to if I have an enquiry? The help desk or check in team at your location will be able to assist or escalate any concerns.

At Camp

What measures are in place at camp? A range of measures are in place including screening (such as via testing), cohorting, deep cleaning and programming changes (such as moving everything outdoors).

What cleaning procedures are in place? Daily cleaning will be undertaken by professional cleaners, including a deep cleaning between camps.

Is there a deep clean between the Fuel & Wildlife camps in NSW? Yes, a professional deep clean will be conducted between camps.

Can I sleep in my own tent? Yes, you may choose to sleep in your own tent to minimize risk of becoming a close contact and being required to isolate.

What if I get symptoms at camp? Our onsite medical professional team will have rapid antigen tests on hand for anyone with COVID symptoms. If a non-negative result is received, the person will be isolated and departure via private transport will be arranged (such as parent pickup).

Can I isolate at camp? No, isolation rooms have been prepared at each camp this is only for those waiting for pickup via private transport to return home. If you are required to isolate you must return home.

What if someone in my tent receives a non-negative rapid test result or is confirmed to have COVID? According to health orders, you would be considered a close contact and required to isolate for the relevant timeframe and undertake any testing requirements. Departure will be arranged (including parent pickup).

Is camp indoors or outdoors? Almost 100% of camp will be conducted outdoors, with the exception of some bathrooms, and some camp facilities such as pastoral care or medical areas.

Is there ventilation in the big top tent? Yes, the walls of the tent will be open, allowing significant ventilation & airflow in the tent

Will there be space to socially distance in the big top tent? Yes, there will be plenty of space in the tent, and you can ensure you socially distance.

Do I need to wear a mask indoors at camp? Yes, per health orders a mask must be worn at all times in indoor areas (if you need to enter indoors).

Can I wear a mask outdoors? Yes, you are more than welcome to wear a mask even in outdoor environments at camp.

Will hand sanitizer be available? Yes, hand sanitizer will be available at designated stations around campsite.

What if I find out I am a close contact during camp? Please notify the event team at camp if you find out you have become a close contact (such as due to a household member becoming a confirmed case). Parents should call the Church office on 1300 53 53 53 and email [email protected] and we will be able to make arrangements. Departure will be arranged so that isolation can occur.

What if I want more information? For both registration and COVID related enquires please email us at [email protected] and we will be able to assist!

All details are subject to change. We are working within constraints of supply chain issues, impacts due to isolation of personnel, and ever changing health orders - and so changes may be made to adapt to the situation. We appreciate your understanding.