(En)large Learning

A personal learning & development platform

What is (en)large Learning?

(En)large Learning is a personal learning and development platform helping you to grow as a leader in life and equipping you to add value to whatever sphere of society you find yourself in. Join us on Tuesday nights to learn, grow and make great new friends!

Faith Essentials

Is all about equipping you to take your first steps with Jesus, get valuable input and discover Christ together in small groups.

Life Skills

Three crucial areas of our lives that easily become challenging and stressful are work, relationships and finances. Our aim is to inform, inspire and equip you with practical wisdom and skills in these key areas of life.

My Bible

Reading and learning from God’s word is not an optional extra for the believer. God’s word will re educate and renew your heart and mind, building your faith and strengthening your relationship with Jesus. – You will learn the basic framework for reading and studying your Bible enabling you to better understand and enjoy God’s word.