BUSINESS CONNECT GROUPS are small groups that meet in different areas around the city and are all about building community, doing life together, and growing in our relationship with Jesus.
Email ‪[email protected] for more information.


WOMEN IN BUSINESS is a monthly event designed to connect the professional women of our church who are active in business, leading teams, and navigating what it means to be a follower of Christ in the workplace. Email ‪[email protected] for more information.


AFTERWORK is a monthly social gathering of working professionals from a wide variety of occupations and industries that gather on the 4th Monday of every month. We meet at a restaurant in the city to talk, share a drink or a quick bite
to eat. Email ‪[email protected] for more information.


Rise is a mid-week morning service for professionals and students who feel called to positively impact their workplaces, colleges, and communities. We will worship, pray, and hear from leaders within our church who are passionate about
living out their faith in the workplace. Email ‪[email protected] for more information.


HILLSONG PARTNERS is an extension of who we are as a church. It is giving over and above our tithes and offerings, and it allows us to resource the vision of our church and the partnerships of our local & global initiatives. Email ‪[email protected]
for more information.

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