5 Gifts For Mom

Adulting is hard, but being a mom takes it to the next level.



So to all the Mothers, thank you. You are the real gift.

No gift can measure up to their worth, but we can show that they’re appreciated!

Do-it-yourself projects look fun on Pinterest, until you actually have to do them. If you’re good at that, bless you and your skills. (Can we pay you to make something for our moms? Please.)

But otherwise, here are some hopefully-more-helpful-than-non-helpful gifts to get your mom this Mother’s day!



Candles, bath bombs, face masks & a cook book or magazine.
Put them all in a pretty box, write a love note with words from the deepest part of your heart and give with a kiss on the cheek!



Personalized…anything! This could be a cute jean jacket it with her last name, a wooden cutting board with a funny quote, a traveling mug with your face on it etc. You know your mom best! Cater to what you know she loves most and add that personal touch!



Quality time at a local coffee shop (insert favorite pastry next to coffee when you upload on your instagram story #girlsday #ilovemum #ilurvecoffee) with a trip to the nail salon together! It is a win-win situation to be honest.



Go somewhere new together. Experience the road & make new memories. Thank you California for being so big and diverse – you are good to us. Jump in the car, pack your favorite snacks, create the best playlist with all your mom’s favorites, and road trip to Salvation Mountain! Or take it up a notch and ride to San Francisco – or go exploring San Diego! The sky’s the limit with a map app and a good 80’s playlist!



They carried you for 9 months in the womb. They carried your mischief as a toddler, grace in your teenage years, and even as adults we cling to our mums for emotional, financial and spiritual support. How about some flowers, a memory book & a brand new purse? Moms carry a lot. Might as well have them carry something pretty!




Feel free to mix and match these gifts or give her all of the above.