The first time I realized... "I'M A MOM!!!"

I won’t ever forget the exact moment it hit me that I was actually, a “mom!”
Not sure why it took months after my first baby’s birth for this to happen but it did!
At the mall, slowly pushing the stroller, the thought fell out of the sky like a brick – I AM A MOM!!!
Possibly that was the start of my mind learning just how to wrap itself around the truth of God giving me a human to take care of and love deeper than I ever thought possible!
Over the course of time I’ve learned to make the most of my ultra blessed reality with two kids, as well as fail more times than I can count along the way.Learning to forgive myself for not living up to my own expectations as a parent or not doing perfectly what the experts say should be done, has been and still is huge for me.
Through it, I’ve discovered one of my very favorite things to do is wake up in the middle of the night and pray over them!
Knowing that God has the full view and is orchestrating details in their lives that I may not ever even know of is incredibly freeing. No words will ever fully describe how it is to hear their maturing voices, look into their curious eyes and even wonder how one could grow 8.5 inches in a year, right in front of me!
I am constantly reminded that time is moving quickly and every day is my opportunity to love Levi and Abi even deeper through words of truth and life to guide them along their individual paths.
I seriously LOVE being their mom!!!