Everyone Matters

This summer our church made some huge leaps forward through Hillsong City Care, and we were honored to be able to come alongside local organizations to help bring change to our local community. As a church, our desire is that what happens on a Sunday would overflow to every street of the Bay Area Monday through Saturday. We never want to just be a firework that burns bright for a moment, and then is nowhere to be seen. Instead, we want to be here as a light in this city for generations, leading people to Jesus, meeting them right where they are at, and helping in any way that we can. One way we do that is through Hillsong City Care, which exists to serve people in our city, and help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a community.

Just in the past month, through your generosity and action as a church, we have been able to help people in these ways:

  1. We donated 142 new uniforms for kids from families in extreme need in the Mission District.
  2. We provided seasonal toiletry kits for 10 young adults transitioning out of Foster Care in Concord.
  3. We donated 1,235 clothing items to Threads for Therapy, an organization helping kids and parents in the Tenderloin, in practical ways; physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
  4. We had the joy of serving thousands of people across 3 city blocks at a City Care Serve Day in the Tenderloin, providing prayer, food, haircuts, clothing, food, and fun games for the kids. What a miraculous day it was as people, who society often walks past without notice, began to sense their value and love God has for them.
  5. We launched weekly City Care Serve Days, serving dinner and leading a Bible study every Tuesday at 5:30pm in SoMa, and every Wednesday at 3:00pm in the Tenderloin District, for people living on the streets and in need. Our church has served dinner to over 800 people through these outreaches in the past month, and 47 of those people made commitments to follow Jesus while at these dinners.

Eternity is forever changed as so many of you have been generous with your time, love, and finance. THANK YOU!!! 

And this is just the beginning….

There are 4 ways that YOU can be a part of the answer year round: 

  1. Serve dinner to people in need at a weekly City Care Serve Day – every Tuesday in SoMa and Wednesday in the Tenderloin. Email kelley.puddy@hillsong.com to be a part.
  2. Sponsor high priority items for people in need across the Bay – visit citycarestore.com.
  3. Be a part of a weekend Serve Day where we will provide laundry, food, and clothing for those in desperate need – last Saturday of every month at 10:00am in SoMa. Email sf@hillsong.com to be a part.
  4. Donate food or gently used clothes any Sunday at the City Care resource bar to help someone in need that walks into our church services.

The problems we face in San Francisco and the Bay Area are big, but our God is bigger and is able to help in even the most dire of situations. We believe that as we all continue to take small steps to do what we can, we will see this city won with the Gospel and Love of Jesus in a move of God that will shift the way people see San Francisco for generations to come. Perhaps you can help just ONE person, or your connect group can together help ONE person. This might seem small, but to that ONE, it is HUGE! Whatever we can do for even one person truly matters to that one.  

Love you church. Together, with the power of the Holy Spirit, I truly believe we can make a difference in the lives of people here, and change a city for eternity.  


Kelley Puddy 

Hillsong San Francisco