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Help In A Crisis

Emergency Relief

The Emergency Relief Program helps people in immediate crisis situations with the goal of providing long-term solution to their circumstances. We provide short-term practical assistance in the form of food hampers, food vouchers and utilities assistance and where necessary referrals for clients to other services and agencies.

We aim to help people to move forward from difficult circumstances, by working with them to identify pathways that help deliver the outcomes they seek within CityCare or through the wider community.

CityCare Storehouse Gold Coast

The CityCare Storehouse supports individuals and families who are struggling financially with food and household consumables at the cost of a minimal handling fee or complimentary. This is possible because we partner with key food rescue agencies such as Foodbank Queensland and Oz Harvest and we also network with key businesses to create an eco-sustainable partnership. These businesses donate their surplus food stock free of charge as part of their corporate social responsibility. This sees some of the donated items being “paid forward” to the community as part of our Emergency Relief Program.

Transitional Housing

Our Transitional Housing program in Brisbane offers short term subsidised housing for mothers and children who are coming out of crisis accommodation for various issues such as homelessness, addictions and domestic violence.

A person who enters this program agrees to work with a counsellor, life coach, financial advisor and a caseworker that will assist them to fulfil their goals. The focus of this program is that at the end of their stay (3-6 months) the women will have a job, financial security and proven history to be able to rent their own place. During their stay the women are also supported in their journey to emotional wellness and progress to achieving their desired personal goals.

One of the keys to the success of this program has been the invitation to housing tenants to be a part of our Thursday morning Sisterhood gatherings and Weekend church services. This participation is not mandatory but has proven very helpful, as they feel embraced by a community of people who make them feel safe and provide positive social connections.


Cindy entered our Transitional Housing program in the midst of recovering from a very low point in her life and facing the risk of homelessness. Together with her case worker she set down her agreed goals which included study, seeking employment, have a routine, make progress on Public Housing waiting list, gather personal home furnishings, have regular support through counselling and gain independence.

 In March 2014, after spending five months in our program, Cindy successfully moved into an apartment she rents through Public Housing. A year on, Cindy has just graduated with Certificate 3 in Disability Support Services, is now employed as a Disability Support worker. Cindy has also reconnected with her family, gained full independence and basking in the joy of having her own home.

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