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The Elbows Are Great!

Nov 29 2010

When you’ve been doing life (and Kingdom) with people for a long time, you get to enjoy funny moments … funny moments that create funny memories that create funny sayings, that then kinda become part of the “culture” of who we all are together.

So (amongst a few “oldies”) we have a funny saying that surfaces every now and then and especially when we might be feeling a little spent or poured out -in a GOOD WAY!! We look at each other, smile cheekily and instead of focusing on the weariness of the moment or the sore feet or whatever … we say “the elbows ARE GREAT!!!!” I think it may have originated back in the day when we were doing the first of the worship tours around the world … back in the day when UNITED were still in school uniforms and our kids were finding their sense of passion and revolution at Saturday night youth.

Serving God for the “length of ones days ” carries more joy than sorrow, more reward than sacrifice, more refreshing than not. But it is a labour! It is a giving of our all. It is a pouring out of heart, soul and STRENGTH … which is why it’s OKAY to feel weary sometimes, because you have exhausted “your natural strength”. Even Jesus experienced weariness and “spent strength” as He laboured to fulfil His Fathers commission and heart … but He also knew how to withdraw aside and replenish that strength.

Galations 6 says “Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not”.

Brian made a great point as he spoke (pastorally) to the soul of our church at a recent vision night. He encouraged us to not GROW weary. Weariness is part of life. It’s part of being human. It’s normal and expected … which is why we have a Sabbath, and it’s why we are encouraged to sleep, so our bodies can replenish themselves. That’s why the saying “work, rest and PLAY” has more wisdom attached than some might want to admit.

So I just felt to encourage you. It’s almost the end of another year AND this centuries first decade! For many it has been full, fast and even furious. If you are feeling the pinch, don’t succumb in a bad way … Focus on the elbows if that helps. Focus on the fabulous opportunity we have to labour for a Cause bigger than ourselves … and when opportunities arise, be kind to your body. Get a good nights sleep if need be, realign your world so you get a Sabbath-rest somewhere in the wonderful madness, put your feet up if but for a moment … and don’t forget that to be weary is okay, but to GROW WEARY is dangerous.

Be blessed. Brian and I love you. (oh, and if you’ve got gummy elbows like Brian, cos he broke his skiing … then focus on … your eyebrows … or left ear lobe … or those dimples that stole the show when you were a baby!!)