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Any Given Sunday 2

I had the real pleasure last Sunday of meeting a great new family! Dad looked obviously a bit lost, with one kid on his shoulders and one by the hand. I introduced myself and took them over to get the boys registered for the great kids program (I'm definitely biased but I genuinely think we have the best kids team in the world!).

We hadn't even been chatting a minute before the young boy on his dads shoulders tells me straight up “we don't live with him!” pointing at his dad. Then his dad filled in the gaps in that short story and we went along to kids. Turns out dad hadn't been to church since he was a kid and church was all about God condemning people, but he strangely still wanted his kids to have some good education in the things if God. It was amazing to me that even a man who had been given such a poor picture of God, had such a hunger for Him that He wanted his boys to know the truth, one he knew he wasn't equipped to give them. He'd even come to church the week before to make sure it was on the level. And now here he was, he loved his boys more than anything, only had gem weekends, and was willing in the midst of that to prioritize church for their sake!

He came and caught most of the service, and I told him church wouldn't just great for his boys, but also for him. I think he believes it.

It's amazing how much you think about the kids ministry when you know of new families in the service. How thankful you are for the leaders, and that it is more than just child minding.

They had a great time and they'll be back! And it was a great reminder for me that Any Given Sunday there are parents who haven't been to church themselves for many a year, but will come for their kids, and eventually for themselves too.

Much love,