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Inhale, Exhale

Dec 9 2010

To everyone, a measure is given… be that a measure of faith, a measure of grace or opportunity extended, a measure of artistic gift or talent. A measure is given with the divine intent that we grow it into something that Heaven-above knows it has the potential to become… a measure intended to not only bless our individual world, but the world of others.

I once saw ‘inhale’ defined as “to breath in and be inspired”. Personally, I love that thought… Sitting in worship at church, I have often inhaled His presence and been inspired creatively. Sitting under the Word (whether private or preached), I have inhaled truth and been inspired with perspective, courage, comfort, revelation and answers. Sitting amongst friends (who have the magnificent measure of Christ within) I have found myself being inspired by what is upon their lives.

Life is full of analogy. The body inhales and exhales, and with every breath the miraculous happens. As a company of believers on the earth (who are called His glorious Church and Body) let’s inhale and exhale as He intended. Let’s breathe in His Presence, Grace, Truth and Wonder… and let’s exhale to the world around us the divine, life-giving fruit of these and more.

May His beautiful Church on the earth not be known for “bad, stale, religious, judgmental breath”… Instead may all those who profess Christ-within, be known for carrying a different atmosphere, presence and inspiration into the rooms and encounters of our lives.

(Ha … Maybe we should all turn to a friend now and quietly ask “is my breath okay?”)

(Ephesians 4)