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The Wave

Jan 31 2011

The “wave” gets me every time!!

The 45 second clip attached is another ad for Colour that we showed at church this weekend. It’s kind of “signature Colour” … the big beautiful dove (symbolic of the Spirit) that has majestically “flown over us” for the past two years … and then gorgeous Lisa Bevere almost prophesying what she says … AND THEN THE WAVE, where I get the SYDNEY conference to send a huge wave to what will be the LONDON and KIEV conferences!!

It’s always a fun and a little manic … And JD seems to always lead it cos he’s on the stage and I kinda give him no choice … (so that’s crazy JD of UNITED fame, crazy JD who now wears ridiculously cool glasses, crazy JD who married my daughters best friend Lauren, crazy JD who is now daddy to one year Indie, crazy JD who was also featured as a TEABAG last year, crazy JD who jumps around the stage like a cracker-jack, crazy JD who last night when we went to see Brooke Fraser in concert said that “he loves Colour so much and as a bloke gets so much out of it). Last night (in the car) we decided the WAVE IS NOW A COLOUR TRADITION (like the magnum ice creams on opening night) and BELONGS TO JD!!!!

Anyway … what I love about THE WAVE is that it might be a loud, fun moment for us … but I can’t begin to tell you how it blesses and inspires the girls on the other side of the planet and especially our Eastern European sisters. So many have only known oppression and for them to know that THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF WOMEN ACROSS THE EARTH LOVING AND THINKING OF THEM AND BELIEVING IN THEM … well, it creates a sense of courage and can-do spirit that is miraculous!! The power of Sisterhood and heaven/inspired empathy brings more freedom than we realize.

So I’m just sharing the moment with you. We showed this wee clip across all of our services yesterday because obviously we are still gathering our own gorgeous (Hillsong) girls to the conference, but also because we never want to become familiar or complacent with the amazing opportunity we have.

Hope it blesses you, makes ya smile, brings back fond memories … and I hope dear friend, that you and your girlfriends will be amongst the 2011 WAVE(s)!!!! Ha, I wonder how we could make it even more crazy and wonderful?????

Have a groovy week,

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