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A Stirring Selection

There is a crazy passage of Scripture in John 5 that seems to have far more going on than it appears.

It starts with Jesus turning up to Jerusalem for the Feast and culminates in chapter 6 with Him putting on a feast for others and eventually revealing Himself to be the Bread of Life!

I am sure Jesus had His eye on the end of all of this from the start of the feast and asked Himself a very simple question: Who could I select to stir up the City that would result in a crowd responding to what I have to give them?

Jesus turns up to a pool that has all kinds of needy people that are waiting for the miracle stirring of the water. 
- this is where we often fail to realize that Jesus wants to stir something up inside us!
Jesus selects a person who will defy the cultural norms of the day, which is to pick up your mat and walk on the sabbath. 
- this is where we must overcome the pressure that says perfection is required before performance!

Having a need makes us eligible for God to move in and through us but willingness is required.

The willingness of this one man to break man-made customs caused the City to become aware of something that was actually always available but seemingly hidden at the time.

At the stirring of the pool, Jesus found one individual that He could use to stir up the City and create intense hunger.

Chapter 6 sees a great crowd follow Jesus to a mountainside because of the miracles in the City, and then He miraculously feeds them all.

The climax is in v35, 'I am the bread of life…'

It is way too easy to sit by our pool-side familiarity waiting for some routine of life to satisfy us!
The Challenge: allow Jesus to call you to stand in the midst of your need and walk for Him.

Jesus wants to select you and stir up your neighbourhood so their hunger is ultimately met by turning to Him!

A Stirring Selection!

Joel A’Bell