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Great Anticipation in New York City

Feb 13 2011

Roughly 10 hours from now, Hillsong New York City will hold the first of four weekend services. Life-changing, history-making services that – God-willing – will become a local church refuge, a home for many New Yorkers for generations to come…

We are blessed with an incredible team in place (some still yet to have VISA breakthroughs and arrive on American shores) and hundreds of faithful locals who have put up their hands to get involved. Hillsong New York City is taking shape and these are exciting days…

Along with Carl and Laura Lentz, our son Joel, will be moving this week to co-pastor Hillsong NYC and put a stake in the ground for the Gospel. Clearly based in New York and though his heart and focus are now shifting, Joel’s involvement in all of our global efforts and conferences as the Creative Director will remain unchanged and his role will consistently bring him back to Hillsong Church here in Sydney.

The boys have dreamt of these days since their time at Hillsong College together. It is with eager anticipation that we will look towards what God is going to do in and through Hillsong Church in this city of millions of people. Our desire is to have a church where everyone can find a place to belong. A place for the diverse population of this influential city…the actors, creative’s, businessmen, entrepreneurs and families alike to get connected and grow in faith, hope and love, find salvation in Christ – the lost and the found, creating a family and moving the Kingdom forward.

Hosea 2.23
I will establish my people in the land and make them prosper. I will show love to those who were called “Unloved,” and to those who were called “Not-My-People” I will say, “You are my people,” and they will answer, “You are our God.”

We have sent some of our very finest at what can seem like a great cost, but home is as strong as ever. These are formative days and yet the future looks so bright. Our commitment to New York City is not fleeting…it is not about one weekend, or one year…we are planted in New York and we believe God is writing this incredible story…

Friends, God is faithful to His Word. The church is all about building lives and I still believe that the best is yet to come…

Love, Brian