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Laser Beams, Lightsabers & The Church

Feb 22 2011

Recently, I was considering how supremely cool Luke Skywalker is. You may remember him from Star Wars…he was the coolest guy ever to wear a bathrobe, simply because he had a LIGHTSABER!!

At the start of the year we talk about vision; this stirs our hearts and builds excitement about the year ahead.

But…how do we see this vision become a powerful reality?

Well let's consider a LASER…(yes, time for a science lesson).

A laser is simply super-focused light which creates extreme power (especially in the hands of Mr. Skywalker).

So, what does that have to do with church vision?

I discovered 4 KEY ingredients to create a LASER, (you want to know this, because secretly you want your own laser…)

1. A Light Source
2. Monochromatic light
3. Organized
4. Directional

1. Church vision, personal vision, all must have a 'light source'.

A light source stirs up atoms, as the atoms get excited they emit photons…creating more light.

God is light (1 John 1:5), He is the source…when you connect with His light it stirs vision inside you, and it stirs vision within a church. Your spiritual atoms get excited and start producing more visionary light!

Problem is, we stop there – but you can't stop there! If you do, then you will have a mass of visions but no focus, therefore little power and little effectiveness.

2. Laser light is 'monochromatic' this means it's ONE colour. There's no power if we see each other differently. For the church vision to be focused and powerful we've got to realize were ALL one colour…sinners saved by grace. When we focus on our differences – different racial groups, languages, doctrines, education and backgrounds, we lose. When we focus on Christ's blood that colours us all the same, we win!

3. Normal light is random, where as laser light is organized. This increases its focus and it's power.

Sadly, in church life there can be many random visions but no strategy, no plan and lack of working together to make it happen. Organization requires developing a strategy to outwork the vision, a humble spirit to submit to others and a commitment to work together.

Someone wise once said, 'Vision without strategy is just a hallucination!'

4. Directional…again normal light is random. It heads in all kinds of directions, where as laser light heads in only ONE direction.

Imagine how powerful our church vision would be if we all headed in the same direction! This is called UNITY…unity sounds great until you have to die to your own agenda for it – then it becomes painful and powerful all at once.

There's no power in vision without the cost of unity. Heading in the same direction creates incredible momentum over time.

Everyone wins and everyone gets to celebrate, as vision becomes reality! (Now, go out and buy yourself a nice bathrobe.)