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75 Cents

Mar 3 2011

Hey Girls!

Got this email a few weeks back and it made me smile. Love the ‘75cents’ bit…and I love that God never gives up on us and gave this sweet girl a second wind to keep pressing on. Pray this little story blesses you and that you continue to know/feel that there is a God in Heaven who is always there, always faithful and always pursuing YOU.


75 Cents

Pastor Bobbie,

I recently (and quite by accident) got my hands on a book you wrote, “I’ll have what she’s having”. I say by accident because had I known the journey this book would take me on I never would have bought it, and honestly I bought it because it was .75cents on Amazon lol. It has shaken my world, and put a new filter on the way I view leadership.

I grew up in church, parents in the ministry but what you refer to as the “class of 1995” occurred in our church in 2004. That year left me bitter and jaded. Anyone in church leadership, in my book, was a liar and I absolutely NEVER wanted to be like them, God was a joke and my parents were insane to stay in that horrible place. At the age of 13, I swore I would NEVER be in leadership in any capacity at any church.

Eventually we moved away, to a new state, and a new church where my heart could finally heal. God invaded my bubble and sent some beautiful people into my life. I no longer see church leadership as a liability, and I have the most stunning spiritual mother who I thank Heaven for all the time.

However, the past 7 months have found me placed in the middle of a church plant (never say never right), and my spiritual parents approached me about stepping into a place of leadership. I reluctantly said yes and it has revealed SO much in me I hate. I realized the insanely scary responsibility of the position I am in.

Then I found this book. It has served as sort of a handbook to “navigate” this part of the journey, which has un-folded as scary and challenging! But God is SO present, and it is such a beautiful stretch of road, I stand amazed!

Thank you for writing this book and being so vulnerable. I know you get a million of these letters a day, but this book has changed my world and drawn me closer to HIM. I am far from perfect, but I know HE looks for wholeness, not perfection. Even the process of learning to be a leader had brought a new level of healing in my life. I am learning to be a leader who compels others to say, “I’ll have what she’s having”.

Much much love, xx

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