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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go!

Mar 1 2011

Ever heard that saying… “All dressed up and nowhere to go!”.

I’m writing this on a Monday morning, I’m still in pjs and it’s now only two and half weeks till I step onto a platform that (I know without a shadow of doubt) truly belongs to God (ie Colour). I say this, not because I am nervous or anxious … but rather just very mindful of the magnitude of all it represents.

On the surface it’s a fabulous womens conference, with all the dynamics of a great weekend out for anyone attending. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of light and shade, laughter and tears (the productive type), “ah-ha moments” and space to breath and relax (with maybe a little therapuetic downtown shopping thrown in for visitors). If there is anything that our house is anointed for, it’s worship … and any X-factor on this years gathering, will again be His Presence manifest and felt. No matter how thorough our preparation is, the One who will make sense of it all is Jesus!

On Sunday, my darling husband preached another message in his new “Awareness” series and talked about “occasion“. He said there is nothing worse than NOT being aware of the occasion you are attending or invited to. Nothing worse than being “oblivious” to the surroundings.

Well I couldn’t help but relate it to Colour! The spirit of Colour (& all it truly represents) relates to “an occassion” … a moment in history … a ‘for such a time as this’! I hope and pray that ALL OF US (myself included) will have an open heart, open mind and open spirit to the TIMING OF THIS OCCASION. I know that the King of Kings is preparing to presence Himself with us, to romance our hearts as we look heavenward to Him for strength and inspiration for the days entrusted. Psalm 45 speaks of a King wild for us.

The occasion isn’t small – the gathering, further equipping and further mobilization of thousands of magnificent daughters isn’t small. God knows the potential, gifting and calling that will be within the room. He knows the seeds of greatness (planted before the foundations of the earth) that require “yet another watering”. And more than anything He knows the multitudes waiting in our future, who require an army of radical, devoted women to reach and rescue them.

All dressed up with nowhere to go! Na. Not on our watch! Don’t leave an epic invitation to be amongst His latter day, world-changing girls unopened, unresponded to, unfulfilled!

Wrote this only cos I love ya! On the surface, this may look like a ‘plug’ to attend my conference, but its wayyyyyy more than that .. It’s a plug to “get plugged into what God is doing amongst His sons and daughters on the earth”. 

Now, to get dressed (out of pjs) and watch over baby Lexi, cos mummy Lucille has popped out to Coles! Yep it all matters … changing the world AND restocking the fridge!! 🙂


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