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If You're Taking Notes, The Title Of This Message Is...

Apr 15 2011

Last weekend I sent out this message on Twitter:

“Hey pastors: What was your message title on the weekend?”

I received interesting responses and for what it’s worth, I thought I would send you the list! These responses got me thinking about each of these messages that, when combined, would represent thousands of hours of prayer and preparation, plus hundreds of years of wisdom and example.

Now, I don’t know many of these people personally – some of them I definitely do – but what I do know is that for every one of us, it is our LIVES, ACTIONS and EXAMPLE that give any MESSAGE credibility, and not the other way around…

No matter where you are in the world, what church you go to and who your pastor is, lets never stop being grateful for the lives, the gathered wisdom and years of committed service that give a 30-45 minute message, God-honouring and life-changing impact and credibility.

Here are some of the people who tweeted a response yesterday (there are some interesting ones) but take a few minutes and give honour where honour is due…Pastors and Leaders all over the world stepping up to their calling and living out their message.

All of these twitter names are people you could follow and again, I don’t know them all and WARNING: amongst all the great message titles, there are some ‘interesting’ ones… 🙂


@consagracao “Salvation, salvation, salvation”

@watchingeye “What makes you so sure”

@pastorstef “How to Get Over it!”

@marks_talk “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation”

@Trishiwoo “MC + YC = OS”

@prcrouch “But God”

@BrianZahnd “Mad as Hell”

@carllentzNYC “Why body image is not important.”

@ericcamp “encountering the presence of God”

@cory_carl “The New Ordinary”

@djmrevdjm “your best life… God never said it would be easy”

@chrismacattack “faith: Promise, Provision, Power”

@ChadEHayes “Changing The Culture of Our Church”

@cheddarpickles “Man, I love getting Presence!”

@pastorfcctally “Breakthroughs, Turnarounds & Comeback”

@standeph6 “What’s God Like”

@robertbarriger “Worship that reaches His throne.”

@jdrod7 “The Power Of Love”

@DenaKeller “CLOUT The Mark of Influence.”

@danfernan “filled full”

@dnldesouza “Disappointed with Jesus?”

@apRobinGarcia “La Cruz”

@FreddyfromFLC “Prepare the Way”

@ludmil “On the other side”

@rborrett “What do you see?”

@KevinConnell “A real place called Hell”

@BenvdHeijden “Did you receive a new life?”


@AdamRatliff “Chasing Donkeys”

@Guy_Mason “The Ten Virgins”

@jewliedavidson “We Are Family”

@Kikojeantette “Fruit Salad”

@mikeradcliffe7 “Honourability”

@JoshFuentesB “Never Loose Hope!”

@naomiparkington “I was born for an awesome reason”

@reggieethridge “The Original Blood Drive”

@jaredwoodward “Sleeping in Church”

@michaelcrocker “Alive Again – Living In The Newness of Life”

@rickyemmerson “culture of encouragement”

@james_clanton “I AM…The Good Shepherd”

@Steve_Swinney “Good Seed needs Receptive Soil”

@jachinmullen “Heart in your Hand”

@JeremyPearsons “Bold Beyond Uncertainty”

@shonburchett “Something’s Happening on the Cross!”

@PetraLaurey “party of your life”

@sonia72 “Jesus Mission – our Commission”

@stevetrevino “LUKE 6”

@LindaPesavento “No Limits!”

@ShaunWel “Manifesting the Blessing through Faith”

@jamaicanindian “there is victory on the other side of this”

@yulianidjunaidi “When God doesn’t make sense.”

@IanWilsonB2A “growth without compromise”

@PastorWLewis “I’m to love WHO?”

@prcrouch “But God”

@Jumpiethefish “beyond the walls”

@thomaszhansen “An Unstoppable Life”

@roy_todd “YOUR faith can make a difference!”

@joshualbrett “Deal or No Deal”

@StanColemanSPCC “No Perfect Church”

@ArjunDmano “the power of a dead man”

@realcostaneto “Going Up to a High Dimension”

@pastor_coc “last impressions”

@mikedayz07 “Presenting our lives as a living sacrifice to God in the Altar”

@deancothill “to live in light of who He is and not who I am”

@timwintle1979 “the stuff they don’t tell you”

@jerrydarkjr “Is Jesus Enough?”

@barry_eddleman “Going to the Deep!”

@ptgilligan “The Good Thing About Bad Things”

@arnoldlinda “Don’t Leave Me Hanging”

@LizzieeClout “Seventy-Seven Steps to Sanctification in the Sanctuary”

@CaptainCollo “What is your Alabaster Jar?”

@artieshepherd “The Dance of Life…Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”

@brandonhollar “ALIVE!”

@Kathryndurham “You do it!”

@Pastor_Douglas “when I just dont feel like worshipping”

@gaboperaltap “Spiritual Fission”

@greg2911 “get the Hell out, Bring Heaven in”

@TheAbss “God gave u the Capacity to be responsible.”

@pastoruecles “The 3 Ressurections in Jesus Ministry”

@greg2911 “Being aware of people, and how to Be a Friend.”

@kristyjoychai “Jesus isn’t dead! He’s alive in me!”

@AdrianDaniel88 “Praise breaks the Chains!”

@PastorGForsyth “Being Prepared/Repaired for Destiny”

@PaulDMudge “All You Need Is A Little Faith”

@thomasscatman “Sex and the city”

@gann59 “Between The Message & The Miracle”

@shawnwiebers “FACES: Couples connecting to God”

@chadpayne “Hell”

@bennyperez “Shake It Off”

@kingchadda “better together”

@rohanbell “The Redemptive timeline. Cover to cover in under 40 minutes.”

@chad_veach “He LOVES me”

@JoshMcCann “Expelling the Darkness”

@PastorObedM “Hard to get Big when Small Has You”

@darrenchapman “Created for Worship”

@Superjonas “Retroceder Nunca, Rendirse Jamás”

@jefftolle “Outsourced”

@noellesims “Radical: Blindness”

@jabinchavez “Before You Know It”

@molanders “Gods passion is people”

@Walkondisciple “Do you want to be made well?”

@ProphetLittle “A Mandate for Mercy!”

@onhaydnsmind “Leaving for home”

@jarrod_cooper_ “The Kiss of Heaven…”

@jill_chambers “Rising From The Ruins”

@Haydn_nlcc “possess the promise”

@charlesnieman “No Matter What, No Matter When,No Matter How Many Times, God Is STILL On Your Side!”

@pastordavidhall “living from a place of ‘wholeness”

@VLCCCOL “The Season of More”

@alsobrooks “espionage, grasshoppers and the good news”

@Michael_Steward “The Value and the Vision of THE church”

@joeliklemke “Expect the Unexpected”

@PastorTimLOH “What Kind of Bread Is Baking In Your Kitchen?”

@georgpingel “A life of sacrifice – cross=love and love = sacrifice”

@JasonCask “Knocking smallness of spirit out of you”

@HeathAdamson “Places Forgotten By Feet”

@ThomasWSchmid “Preparing for mission by loving one another”

@Jerry_Kato “Pick it Up”

@TimandKaren1 “Expectation Lane”

@stanleydross “Cruizin for a Bruizin!”

@theJasonSpears “undercover boss”

@FernandoG “El regalo de Dios”

@JasonMcKinnies “the shifting”

@pastorgdubya “What’s In Your Hands?”

@GregMcKewin “Become Enlarged”

@pastorraley “Salting the Salty”

@preduribeiro “20 Thoughts that brings Victory”

@ericcamp “encountering the presence of God”

@matt_whidden “Getting Real”

@charlestg1 “looking unto Jesus”

@jill_chambers “Rising From The Ruins”

@pastorenochrich “Secret in the Garden”

@sarahmgamble “Vantage Point”

@MadhelineD “Dine not unworthily”

@iamRBN “Dormant Dreams”

@edublan “The heaven is invading the earth, Miracles are already!”

@pastorserio “don’t throw in the towel”

@iamRBN “Changed Names”

@corsonandrew “The same hand that breaks me will lift me up”

@mj_greaney “Letting go and letting God”

@daveschnitter “Let The Canvas Speak”

@rodplummer “arise and shine in Japan”

@tomsingleton “With God all things are possible”

@omarSvazquez “A Cord of 3 Strands”

@pastordavidhall “The dimensions of the tabernacle as it relates to basket weaving in Coober Pedy”

@blacklitt “The Law and the Promise!”

@matt_whidden “Getting Real”

@StephenFarr “The grass is greenest where you water it”

@PrElias “God of purpose”

@RobKoke “God does Speak”

@anthonyrgreco “10 Most Humblest Men in the World- and How I Taught the Other Nine”

@iwasjesus “Jesus is the Pheonix”

@aconverti “Why Nickleback is the WORST”

@mavismartin “Behind The Scenes God”

@nathanlmiller “The cross: a symbol, an event, or the Power of God?”

@davidcarlbaird “the Day Religion Died”

@craigdyson “Walking Together: The Power of Team”

@Karlyjay “Perfection vs. Wholeness”

@EarlPatterson “bling Vs ding”

@shelbyjwright “Learning to Love Well”

@JimmyDowds “HAM AN EGGS”

@serginhoereis “What the vessels contains? vs. Of what the vessels are made? ”

@matthewpollock1 “Wells of Salvation”

@Patschatz “Selah – the place of quiet transition!”

@lorikimph “Don’t paint it white”

@ABCaligiuri “3 – 3”

@stephenraynard “Anchor or Catapult”

@RonWalker001 “Living Bigger Than Yourself – The God Rod”

@aaronjayne “Great Faith- See Jesus through Grace and He Sees Our Faith”

@wesleykirkley “2 cents”

@MicahSsutton “UNITE: The Power of Belonging”

@BeckyGooch “Live a life giving not getting”

@DeidreThompson “Be S.M.A.R.T !!!! Spiritually minded and righteous thinking”

@JessWadeishere “2 thieves & Jesus on the cross”

@sunitaph “Transformed to be a difference maker”

@pheven “Watch what you lean on, it could fall over”

@GrahamFletcher “RESURRECTION”

@Roberto_Imagen “Healing from frustrated relationships of the past”

@EvansRaintama “Ready or not, Jesus is coming!”

@chrishanj “God blesses somethings!”

@LanceMartin “I LOVE WINing”

@jerretsykes “The Issue of Discipleship”

@MichaelMeyers “You! Only YOU’ier!”

@SHELDLAWREN “Making an Impact – Outside the Sanctuary”

@MichaelMeyers “The Kingdom strikes back.”

@NateChrisman “hangover”

@RobboGlobe “Believing for a New Sexual Revolution”

@jkdinale “how people really change”

@dan_roth “Living Supernaturally in a Natural World”

@malmacleod “living well”

@Mikakostamo “God is more excited about SEX then you are!”

@sonnyhagan “The Last Supper”

@Mike_Kai “It’s Hammer Time!”

@NAY_7 “The Pursuit Of God”

@Mattynoons “shift happens!”

@scotbryant888 “You Called?”

@gcmcmillan “When God Doesn’t Come to Your Rescue”

@andyyeoh “Living by ur Position in Christ,not Condition in life”

@georgesalloum “72 hours that changed the World”

@handsuptiger “one of us has to go!”

@craigriggle “Magnum Opus”

@andrew_ai3 “it is finished…rest”

@BenjaminHouston “Things my dad can learn from me”
(This couldn’t have been a very good sermon…:) )

@gorringe “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”

@nix4tigers “come on Jesus, are you kidding me!!!!”

@hqr “Faith without courage is worthless”

@kenjoslin “Disciples are Spirit Filled”

@leohanssen “Serendipity”

@jaredcampion “Fruitfulness Follows Faithful Faith”

@KevinGreenWV “Till death do us part”

@Offer1ng “Power To Spare”

@kentmunsey “A dream that can’t be tested can’t be trusted.”

@Megannewbold “Filled to be spilled!”

@PastorAlexMo “The Kingdom in you”

@URFWC “Are you limiting Gods blessings?”

@VereenLagden “Stop, Revive, Survive!”

@EstebanFeUrbana “IDENTITY”

@beckycruse3 “Go Public”

@AramMushegan “the road to skinny”

@Fcocifuentes “Demasiado importante (como para no decirlo)”

@shaunnepstad “All for you”

@pastortbrock “Go Get the ONE!”

@StevePBarry “Being a Bounce Back Person”

@JessWadeishere “How to fly jess out for the next Hillsong conference…”

@suzannabrozozog “Jesus changed my life”

@EddieElguera “Everything Changes Easter Sunday”

@carlthomas “Preach the Word: New Testament Christianity week 3”

@tmh88 “Negativity is a reflection of inner defeat.”

@leadpastor “counterfeit”

@jaymemontera “Stop, you’re kissing my wife”

@pastord4 “Armour of God”

@PhillDooley “How to keep a humble spirit when your Senior Ps. has ‘hair envy’”

@dotfras “Cross-Eyed”

@rogergreig “My way or Gods Way”

@Misscrispy “danger…Moose Crossing”

@jolly_beggar “Lazy Bones- Get Out Here!”

@josiahsilva “why God allows struggles in your life”

@paulbenger “whose faith? Your faith, my faith our faith, their faith?”

@paulgarner2 “intimacy with Jesus an heart for quality over quantity”

@lyndiemccauley “Never a dull moment”

@MarkKReeves “Building a Big You Part 6: Being Excellent”

@AndreasNielsen “Don’t live on the old side of the cross”

@PhillipBoshoff “Kicking the But”

@debbiekatina “Shut Down or Open Up-Which 1 will U Live Under”