Hillsong College Presents: The Project

Jun 3 2011

The Project is a glimpse into the potential inside every student. It is the product of collaboration.

Yes, it is a documentary providing an insight into something of what Hillsong College is like, and yet it is also a journey of students and trainers, as they push to see their creativity challenged and lifted.

The lights, cameras and sound are only a small part of what The Project is. These are the outcomes, but the process is much more interesting. The process is a better picture of the environment here at college. One where we believe in the possibilities that lie in the minds of our students. One where the obstacles are worth taking on, so as to see experience gained, lessons learned and future leaders of The Church equipped and believed in. One where we understand that we have a world to reach and tools in our hand to do so.

This is the ultimate prize, that God gets the glory. By His people taking hold of their God-given gifts, talents and abilities and using them to lift up the name of Jesus. To be equipped, and inspired, so that they are not only good at their instrument, or craft, but that they can navigate the dynamics of team, handle the 'bigness' of events, and see The Church blessed by willing and skilled servants.

The journey of each student at Hillsong College is totally unique…and so are their callings…but The Project represents the heart of our college. It is the result of an environment that champions the potential and responsibility of each unique student…to see the world know Jesus, by being faithful with what is in their hands.”

As you watch The Project, we pray that your heart is inspired & motivated to know JESUS & His cause in a greater measure – and for some, perhaps be challenged to give 1,2 or 3 years of your life in preparation for life and ministry – with us here at Hillsong College.

God Bless
David Andrew

Hillsong College presents: THE PROJECT

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

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