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It's The Little Things...

Sep 30 2011

It’s the little things in life that say a lot … like when you are in a hotel setting and jet-lag gets the better of you …so you sneak down to breakfast real early …and then bring back a cappuccino for your slumbering wife, especially when you are NOT the kind of person to be voted “least clumsy” in a cup & saucer carrying competition.

I love my husband for a lot of reasons. He stole my heart more than 37 years ago on a sand dune back in Kiwi-land-NZ. He has an inquisitive side that makes him “have” to follow a siren or crane to see what a commotion is about. It also makes him a profound leader who observes life and people like no one I know. He’s crazy-crazy-crazy-vague and crazy-crazy-crazy-focused! How is this possible, but it is. He loves his family, he loves the church he’s been entrusted to lead and I know he loves me.

His nocturnal-jetlag-let’s-potter-around-this-hotel-room-all-night-activities drive me crazy, but the cappuccino and croissant (that made it all the way from the breakfast room, up the lift, down the hall, through the door and then fell off the saucer at the end of the bed) makes me love the funny man that he is.

It’s the little things that say a lot about a person and a relationship. So be kind to the ones you do life with … and be kind to those you may encounter today, cos all of us never quite know where it all might lead.

(I still ate the croissant … 🙂