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Prayer & Faith: A Young Couple's Story

Sep 1 2011

To conceive and then start and enjoy a family is the desire of most young married couples. So when that desire is delayed or challenged or even destroyed by unforeseen circumstances, it can become heartbreaking and even paralysing for some.

The bible tells stories of barren women. Barren is such an Old testament type word but that was how being “without child” was described. God’s heart is that our lives are fruitful (and not barren) across the breadth of life, which for many includes children.

So when women and families struggle with not being able to fall pregnant or carry to full term healthy babies, it concerns not only our heart but His. He is a God of mercy and grace. So in recent times we have prayed as a Sisterhood for such women and couples – sometimes we’ve prayed quietly and with the person in need; sometimes we’ve upheld women in our Sisterhood meetings (with girls even standing in for friends they know); and often we’ve fervently prayed over emails, as requests have poured in at different times.

And to date, we’ve heard a number of miraculous stories, where young families are now enjoying the blessing of little ones in their world.

WILMA shared her story with me recently in London, so enjoy and rejoice with them. If you have a story to tell from the prayer support of your Sisterhood or ours, let us know. More importantly, if you have a need, we hope you are encouraged and inspired and want to say that our girls are keen to stand with you in prayer. (Simple prayer requests can be emailed to [email protected] We will add them to our weekly Hillsong Sisterhood meeting). Your own faith may be understandably weakened with disappointment, so allow hundreds of empathizing, faithfilled sisters and friends to uphold you in their love and strength.

Love always,
Bobbie & the Colour/Hillsong Sisterhood

Wilma’s Story

Hi Bobbie,

It was really great to see you in London and what a great conference.

I mentioned to you that my daughter-in-law was pregnant and you suggested I email you as it relates to the Sisterhood praying for barren women.

Claire is 34 yrs old and her and Adrian have a beautiful son who is turning 7 this year. They have struggled to conceive again and 2 years ago, she had a pregnancy in a fallopian tube and had to have an operation, leaving her with one faulty tube. It would take a miracle for her to conceive. Adrian and Claire had been up for prayer at our church when Andre felt led to pray for couples struggling to conceive, and many others who struggled for up to 14 years to have a baby, have had their dream come true. Our hearts went out to Claire and Adrian. It seemed everyone else got their answer.

Then, one morning I was going through my tweets and saw that the Sisterhood was praying for barren women. I felt I should send in a request for Claire. This may have been last year some time, I cannot remember. Well, with a faulty fallopian tube and other challenges, we now have a baby on the way and will be born in March. She went for a check up two days ago and all is well with her and the baby.

You may recall that my son lost a son to a drowning at the age of three, from a previous relationship, 11 years ago.
Incidentally, Adrian and Claire started considering adopting a baby, and while they began talking about it, she was already pregnant and did not know it yet.

So, I just want to thank you for posting that tweet and for praying for women to conceive, including our Claire.
God answers prayer and he uses kingdom family to stand together in love and unity to help one another.

For everything you and Brian have done for us, we are eternally grateful and we often thank the Lord for you.

Wilma xoxoxox

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