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Q&A With Bobbie Houston #1

Sep 8 2011

We have a fabulous Hillsong Network of friends and peers around the world who gather at our annual leadership conferences – i.e. at Colour and the Hillsong Conference in either Sydney or Europe, etc. A year or so ago, I asked some of the Network women attending Colour that year, if there were any questions they’d like answered from me (or perhaps others). What ensued was a lovely LONG list … so as time permits, I’m going to attempt to answer them simply in this blog format.

Some questions are “bigger” than others … some are deeper and more complex than can be answered in this format … and some (because of time and space) may only be answered in part. We simply want to respond to a question in the same way we would if this was a relaxed and friendly panel setting. Hopefully we can add some wisdom and perspective from our journey to yours and prompt ourselves together, to press on and attain all that we have been called to”.
Love always, Bobbie xox
So the first question on that LONG LIST is

“How do you stay relentlessly consistent 20+ years on?”

RELENTLESS and CONSISTENT are two powerful words in themselves. I think when you have a “true revelation and a true conviction” about something, it doesn’t waiver, weaken or diminish with time – it actually increases and strengthens!

I have certain convictions in my life. I found Christ when I was fifteen. I fell in love with Jesus and my obsession is to one day see Him face to face and be known of Him. I am relentless in that pursuit. Have I always gotten it perfect and right? No… but my heart has always been tender and towards Him. That one conviction alone will cause a person to press on regardless of what life may dish out.

I also have a conviction about the Church and the House of God. This conviction has positioned Brian and I in leadership… and leadership carries responsibility. Responsibility to remain focused… and “arrest focus” when it is challenged. Responsibility to remain devoted… and “arrest devotion” when it is becomes familiar or comfortable. Responsibility to stand up and press on – even when everything with your human heart sometimes wants to sit down and stop.

I’m 54 and have walked with Jesus since I was 15. That’s actually more than 20+ years, but 20 years is nothing on the scale of eternity. Eternity is forever and even keeping “eternity” as a perspective, causes a “spirit of relentless pursuit” to rise up within.

Love what you love. Determine your convictions and live by them. Serve the Lord with gladness. Look for the lessons in the challenges or disappointments. Be kind to others and yourself. Live in His Word and allow Gods Grace to overshadow everything – the good, the bad and even the ugly. These are a small handful of truths that will help navigate us all to the finish line!! Philippians 1:6 (NIV) says, “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.

Personally I want God to finish what He has begun in me and those I do life with… And if that looks like or requires “relentless consistency”, then (by His Grace) I’m up for that for the length of my days. My prayer for you is the same!