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Pete's Gear List

Oct 27 2011

Ok, as requested here is a list of all my gear. But first of all I’ll say this. I’ve accumulated all this Hardware and Software over many years, so there’s quite a lot there. Also, a lot of the software I own I don’t use live at church or on tour. A lot of it I purchased so I could compose and create orchestral mock ups etc. At the bottom of this article I’ll spotlight a few bits of software and hardware that I really like as well!

Roland A-90
Korg Micro X
Hammond XK3

TC Electronics Nova Delay
x2 Moogerfooger Low Pass filters
Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
Moog CP-251 Moogerfooger Control Processor
Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal
Zvex Woolly Mammoth fuzz pedal

Macbook pro 17inch computer – 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 ram/500gig harddrive at 7200rpm.
2T Mybook external harddrive connected to my eSATA Express port (but you can use firewire 800 instead)
RME Fireface 800 Interface
Behringer BCF2000 midi controller

SOFTWARE (general)
Synthogy Ivory Piano and Italian Grand expansion pack.
Synthogy Upright Piano’s.
Garritain Authorized Steinway samples (pro version)
Native Instruments Alica’s Keys
Scarbee Keyboard Gold Bundle K2
Kontakt 2
Komplete 6 – 6 instruments from Native Instruments, including Kontakt 4, Absynth 5, Guitar rig 4 Pro, Battery3, Massive, FM8 and Reaktor 5.
XLN Audio Addictive Drums
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Xpanded
Spectrasonics Trilion
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Arturia V-collection
Devine Machine Krishna Synth
Best Service Titan
Scarbee Pre-Bass
Gforce Mtron
Gforce String Machine
UltimateSoundBank Retro Organs
Imperfect Samples Fazioli Grand Piano
Imperfect Samples Braunschweig Upright Piano

SOFTWARE (orchestral)
Eastwest Platinum
Vienna Chamber Strings
Vienna Appassionata Strings with expansion pack
ProjectSam Symphobia
LA Scoring Strings
ProjectSam Brass Classics
ProjectSam Flute and Piccolo Effects
ProjectSam True Strikes 1
Quantum Leap SD2 Pro
MOTU Ethno2 Instrument – A whole bunch of instrument samples and loops from around the world.
Wallander Instruments Brass 1 & Woodwinds 1 – Amazing Orchestral modelled instruments with simulated stage environments.
Native Instruments Evolve Mutations
Westgate Studios French Horns
Vienna Fanfare Trumpets
Cinesamples Hollywood Woodwinds
Cinesamples CineHarp Glissandi
Cinesamples CineHarp Pluck
Cinesamples Cinesnares
Native Instruments Hollywood Strings – An epic Hollywood sounding string library!
Cinesamples Cinebrass
Spitfire Audio Albion
Spitfire Audio Harp
Spitfire Audio Solo Strings

SOFTWARE (effects)
Lexicon PCM bundle
Waves SSL 4000 Collection
Waves Gold Bundle
Waves CLA Classic Compressors
Voxengo Elephant
Audio Ease Altiverb 6
PSP 84
PSP MixPack 2
Stillwell Vibe EQ
Stillwell Transient Monster
Ohmforce’s All Fx Bundle
SPL Vitalizer
SPL Transient Designer
Massey Tapehead

Roland A-90 – I love this keyboard for it’s midi controllability, but Roland no longer make this product. At church we use a Yamaha S90 as our weighted controller instead.

TC Electronics Nova Delay – A great stereo in and out delay pedal. Great for on the fly changes in tempo and has a lot of great editable fetchers like Modulation and Digital to Analog delay quality simulator. You can also save a whole bunch of your presets into it and get to them really easily during live performances.

Moogerfooger Ring Modulator – I use this pedal mainly for it’s analog overdrive. I also use it subtly for it’s tremolo and the odd weird effect you can create with it. But the analog circuitry and overdrive in this thing is what makes it sound so amazing!

RME Fireface 800 Interface – I use a Fireface 800 because i need a lot of audio ins and outs. I route my pedals in and out of it for live use for more control. But Apogee also make some really nice and affordable interfaces!

Behringer BCF2000 midi controller – I normally wouldn’t recommend Behringer. But this piece of equipment is amazing. It has ‘flying faders’ that sync with Mainstage 9. And you won’t find anything similar to this on the market for this price! (Because it only deals with midi to and from my computer and not audio, the audio is not compromised.)

LOGIC STUDIO 9 (with MAINSTAGE) – Mainstage is what I use live to host all my plugins. It’s amazing for live use and with the recent release of Mainstage 2 (that comes with Logic Studio) it gives you the option of ‘midi out’ to sync with midi controllers that support that, like my BCF2000.

Synthogy Italian Grand – This is my default go to Piano for church. Very stable and great sounding.

Scarbee Keyboard Gold Bundle K2 – A collection of Rhodes/Wurly/Clav samples that have just been re-released through Native Instruments. I can’t say enough good stuff about Scarbee! In my opinion they are sill the best sounding Rhodes samples on the market to date.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere – If I was only able to afford one single software plugin. This would be it! Has everything. Pianos, Pads, Strings, samples of old analog gear, Organs etc and a bunch of great effects. It’s amazing!

Arturia V-collection – A collection of plugins designed to emulate old analog gear. I use the Prophet V and Minimoog a lot!
These can also be purchased separately if you didn’t want the whole collection.

PSP 84 – This is a delay plugin the emulates the old Lexicon 84 unit. It sounds amazing and very analogy sounding for a digital plugin. I love the fact you can dial in reverb and or overdrive JUST on the delays and keep the original signal clean if you want.

Massey Tapehead – An amazing plugin that simulates Analog Tape Saturation (or overdrive). It’s currently available for FREE at in Audio Units format. (The format Logic/Mainstage uses for plugins)

So there you have it… my ‘gear list’ as of 27th October 2011.

Peter James
(Hillsong Creative Team)