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The Third Place

Oct 5 2011

A few years ago Starbucks Coffee was marketed as a “third place” in people’s lives – a sort of link between home and work where you can read the paper, download some tunes, buy a book or two, and either prepare for the day or wind down from it. It set itself up as the other environment in the lives of its customers a home away from home, familiar and trustworthy.

What's your third place?

God created Church and Family and every single one of us has a calling.
Your family is important – no one gets to the end of their life and says “I wish I spent more time at the office” 
Your Calling, your job, your mission is important – In fact Church exists to help you fulfill that. 
Your Church is important. For me my calling and Church are closely tied together. I work at Church and I am called to build her.

Our kids are 'at church' a lot and we have a number of strategies to manage his attendance because most of all I want him to grow up with a fond memories loving Church! Our goal at Hillsong Kids is that every child is treated as an individual so they too can grow up loving Church, we want Church to feel like a home away from Home.

But even the kids pastors need a little help now and then and our help is June. She is on our welcome team at Hillsong Kids and every week Brooklyn cannot wait to hang out with June in the 11:30 service.

I need other voices in the life of my children to reinforce what I am teaching them and to encourage. They cannot replace my voice but they can support.

Research from Lifeway  suggests, “Teens who had at least one adult from church make a significant time investment in their lives also were more likely to keep attending church. More of those who stayed in church – by a margin of 46 percent to 28 percent – said five or more adults at church had invested time with them personally and spiritually.”

I encourage you to make Church more than your third place. Your kids will be at school for 1,200 hours in 2012 and less than 100 hours at Church. Put your children in the best situation to make the kind of connections that make them feel at home.

I know it’s obvious but as a children's pastor, nothing helps me connect with your kids like their presence.

David Wakerley

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