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Hillsong Chapel Project 2012

Jan 25 2012

At times, we can look right past what we do have, as we gaze upon the things we do not.

Jesus says, “My grace is sufficient…” (2 Cor 12:9), but sometimes (if we’re honest) those words can seem a little… insufficient.

As worship pastors and leaders we often find ourselves asking what to do when we don’t have enough people on our teams?”

But what is ‘enough’?

There is rarely a simple answer or solution.

Perhaps the right answer is enough is whatever God has given us, perhaps we need to pray and ask God for new people: new musicians and leaders; perhaps it is waiting patiently; training and inputting into the team we do have; perhaps it is to talk with senior leadership about scaling back the band and having a more acoustic service while we build teams…

Whatever the path, whatever the end goal, the Bible has some serious encouragement for wherever you are at right now. In that same passage in 2 Corinthians, Jesus goes on to say, “…For my power is made perfect in weakness”. Less is more. Sometimes when we are experiencing a seemingly ‘less’ season in our teams and in our ministries, the very thing we should be seeking is ‘more’ of Jesus.

God is creative. There is no limit to the ways in which He can grow our teams, or use the teams that we have. Sometimes we might just need to think more ‘out of the box’

About two years ago we recorded our first Hillsong LIVE Chapel Album: Yawheh. It captured our worship team leading in a smaller setting…our Hillsong Chapel. It has been a useful resource for our own teams and hopefully it has been helpful for many others.

The goal of the first Chapel project was to think creatively and appropriately for our smaller services and contexts.  At Hillsong Church, some of our extension services and regular gatherings would often have less than 300 people attending. The songs we recorded sounded more intimate, more raw, more acoustic…appropriate for such services.

Now, at the beginning of 2012, we are just days away from recording the second Chapel project. Our heart remains the same: to help people worship and connect with God. Though this year, we are trying something a little different.

It’s true that in many churches, it is more common to have an organist or an accordion player than it is to have an electric guitarist.  The Body of Christ is so diverse, and it is amazing what instruments and musicians come out of the woodwork when we are prepared to get a little more creative with our instrumentation.

So…this new Hillsong Chapel project will still be reverent and intimate, we’ve ‘scaled back’ some of our favourite songs and some new ones, and we are getting a little more creative with our instruments and sounds…and I’m excited.

The point is…while there won’t be a 15-piece band on the stage; though it’s amazing what can be done with a few willing hearts, some able musicians and a few new instruments.

I pray this project encourages you…don’t get discouraged by what you do not have, but get inspired and creative with what you do.

God bless you and your teams!


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