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Instruments Of God

Jan 24 2012

Like most musicians, I have several different musical instruments around my home, ranging from guitars and keyboards to an old trumpet I played in high school. They all sit in their given place in my home, especially my prized and much loved Fender Stratocaster, which is hung up on a wall for all to see.

The obvious thing about all of my instruments is that none of them get anywhere near their potential until I pull them out of their case or pull it off the wall and play them. Then begins this beautiful and artistic partnership between the instrument and the player.
Sure, I bring my own set of limitations to the partnership, as does the instrument itself depending on its condition, but irrespective of this, the fruit of this partnership can be endless and has the potential for great beauty.

Consider if you will the sound of a trumpet. It’s unique, brassy and yet triumphant tone. It’s built with that particular sound in mind. The length and width of the tubes and the positioning of the valves create the desired sound when in the hands of a trained player. How disappointing would it be if I were to pick up my trumpet and play it, only for the sound that is produced to be more like my Fender Stratocaster than a trumpet?

Did you know that you were built with a particular sound in mind? So often I see people trying to create sounds through the output of their lives that they were simply not created to make. We spend so long trying to change our “sound” that we never discover what the Creator had intended as our desired sound.

Our worship teams are filled with people whose lives emanate God-ordained sounds, and this is before they even pick up their instruments. Their joy, their sense of humour, their intelligence and everything else about them go towards their desired sound. Mix this with an intimate relationship with God and you have a beautiful sounding instrument. The sound of our life affects the sound of our music, and God, as the almighty player, places each person strategically in the right band, in the right section at the best possible time to create His masterpiece.

Think about that the next time you’re rostered to play in the praise team or lead worship in your church. Your keyboard or guitar is your instrument, but you are God’s instrument and your sound is exactly what He needs for today’s symphony. He longs for the type of partnership I mentioned earlier, between you (the instrument) and Him (the player), and all He wants is for you to sound the way you were created, He’ll do the rest.

Steve McPherson
(Hillsong Publishing Manager)