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Love For A Local Single Mum

Mar 13 2012

In January 2012, young adults, aged 25-35 gathered for Frontline’s Renaissance conference, stands were set up for people to find out more about volunteering opportunities within the life of Hillsong Church. It was here where a call was put out for volunteers to sign up to assist in one of CityCare’s local social justice projects.

One of the social justice projects that was held, took place late February at a local woman’s home in Glebe. It was here that we gathered together to restore both the interior and exterior of a single mother’s home, as well as take care of all of her landscaping. We had an amazing turnout of 25 Frontline volunteers on the day, working with supplies that were purchased using the Bunning’s gift cards that were donated through the generosity of Frontline conference attendees. It was through this generosity and hard work, that this single mother of four was able to have her two storey house cleaned and painted, not only lifting the façade but lifting her and her family’s spirits as well. They were overwhelmed with the love shown towards her and her family and she could not express her gratitude enough. This small suburb of Glebe was a buzz that Saturday and the neighbourhood was definitely encouraged by all that took place. The enthusiastic spirit of the volunteers caught on and some of the neighbours even enquired as to how they could bring help to other families homes.

All in all, this social justice project was a great success and was able to help place value upon a mother and her family, who may have never been able to have the work done on her own. Seeing her and her family empowered through being the hands and feet of Jesus was not only inspirational to the family and the suburb of Glebe, but to the people who gave their time to volunteer as well! Social justice may not always seem like using a paintbrush and a lawn mower, but on this day it did; and together we made steps for change, one family at a time.

DP, City Street Teams Coordinator

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