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A Bright Future For The Leaders of India

Jun 22 2012

Yesterday we had the privilege of listening to Pastor Brian Houston speaking to some of the key Christian leaders of India.

Amongst the delegates invited were, pastors, denomination leaders, heads of NGO’s, educators and business professionals.

The day was amazing! Pastor Brian preached and the message really hit home. Much of the feedback was around there being a real mindset shift.

After Pastor Brian had preached, he then proceeded to walk around the room and prayed and prophecy over every individual in the room, which was an absolute surprise and blessing for all, myself included.

After Brian finished praying for people, Pastor Biju Thampy hosted a question and answer session, where people got the chance to ask questions, all of which were fantastic.

The event had 100 invited delegates, each of them significant leaders of thousands of people. Some of them even travelled by train for days whilst others flew in from all over India to be a part of it.

The future of India and the potential of the Indian people is huge. I personally loved seeing our Pastor investing into this group of people, and will always be thankful for our generous, releasing church that also love seeing this happen, and also our faithful team who help enable this to happen.

Lives are impacted far beyond our reach when we have a spirit of release and generosity.

Here’s some photos from the day, sorry for my lack of pictorial prowess. 🙂

Darren Kitto