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Blank Is Not On God's Agenda

Sep 6 2012

The above image is of a fun journal that has the numbers 365 etched on the cover. Inside are 365 blank pages, except for the individual number of each day in the corner. A few of us in Sydney carry these around with well-loved bibles.

I’m not so clever as to write profound thoughts or revelations EVERYDAY, but the art of penning the things that are important or “of revelation” is a good discipline. Life is fast, our minds have much to absorb, so to commit to paper the “defining stuff” is possibly more critical than we realize.

As I opened this journal today it occurred to me anew that to us each day is a blank page, but to GOD it is already written and recorded in heaven. Not one day is unseen, no circumstance a surprise. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows the design of our lives and the potential of our existence. He knows what He has purposed for each day, and His mercies and grace (should the day be grand or challenging) “await and abound” toward us.

Psalm 90:12 says
“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”.

The word blank means “bare, empty, vacant, void and hollow”. It suggests “a blank page or space, devoid of writing, images or markings”.

There is NOTHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE that is “empty, void or hollow”. God wants to mark our lives and fill them with fabulous images, memories and encounters. Encounters of the earthly kind, and encounters of the heavenly kind.

I want to encourage you to delve into His Word and absorb His heart for you. I want to encourage you to commit to paper the ponderings of your heart and the promptings of His Spirit.

Life is glorious. At times challenging and crazy, but if we allow each day to unfold as He intended, it will always be glorious. Loose the concept of “blank, void and empty”, and stir up the truth that you are here to “write and leave your (God) mark on today’s here and now.”

You are the best. Love ya!