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Worship Leader Training With Annie Garratt

Sep 20 2012

1. Firstly – this dynamic hinges on communication, the worship leader has the primary responsibility to lead and direct the service and the co-worship leader is there to offer support and strength. Sometimes the role is shared equally and sometimes a newer co-leader will only be given one song to lead. This service dynamic is up to the worship leader to decide.

2. When it comes to knowing who will take what part of the service and what role each person will be taking, communication before the service is vital. If you are rostered on to be a co-worship leader, talk to the worship leader and ask specific questions- who is giving cue’s to the band and music director, who is addressing the church/praying during the service. Make sure you know what’s expected of you so that you can bring your best.

3. As a co-worship leader, come ready to contribute! Bring ideas for the set and come prepared to lead: know what you think about things like song lists and song arrangements but also be ok with your ideas not being used.

4. Be uncomplicated and easy to work with. Ask for feedback and be teachable. Is there is anything you can do to better support the service? Don’t take things personally and if there is confusion or miscommunication address it later off platform.

5. Don’t overstep your authority. If you are a co-leader then lead to the best of your ability within the perimeters that have been set for you. You might be capable of more than you’re doing. That’s fine- just keep doing it and chances are if you’re faithful with one opportunity, you’ll be given another.

6. Worship leaders- you will set your co-leaders up for a win if you set clear expectations for them. Let them know how you want them to lead in the service. Take your co-leader into consideration when planning the song list… Is it a good key for them? Where does the song sit in the service? Song 3 can be a great option for a co-leader but be aware that there are other ways of doing it. If a co-leader is given something new to do- cue the band, work with the mc… it will allow for a new opportunity for them to grow.

7. When it comes to leading a congregation in worship, how the church responds to you has a lot to do with the church trusting you. This relationship can’t be rushed or forced. It’s comes through time as they watch you be consistent on and off the platform.

8. When leading, open your eyes and engage people, smile, don’t be too intense and when you speak, speak with confidence. Speak in a normal voice, there’s no need to put on a different persona, you don’t have to use fancy words or clever phrases, just be you and bring what only you can bring.