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Worship Leader Training With Jad Gillies

Sep 7 2012

1. When worship leading, it takes us getting over ourselves and our capabilities to get the job done. It is easy to think that you are not worthy or not good enough either at your craft or in yourself. However, if the Bible says that the rocks will cry out then I figure we are well able to worship God.


2. Worship leading is more about our leadership than us being perfect singers or amazing guitar players, although we do have a commitment to improving and getting better at what we do because God deserves our best. Worship leading is about having the ability to engage and capture a congregation and lead them toward God. If you want to speak and encourage the people in a service, it is important to know what the purpose of your address is. When you speak, the purpose is to gather and focus the congregation, often using scripture or biblical truths, things that the people will agree with you on will gather them in unity. Once they are gathered in agreement, you have their focus and can lead them.

3. Consistency builds rapport with the congregation, and rapport is necessary. Influence on the platform is built off the platform. Live with integrity and character, and don’t give people reasons to doubt why you have been trusted with the position. Remember, if people can connect with you, they will find it easier to trust you, if they trust you they will follow you. So smile and be be friendly!

4. If you are a worship leader, your main weapon is your voice. Make it a point to invest into it and develop it – be a good steward of the talents and gifts that you have been entrusted with

5. Love the presence of God – spend time often with Him alone so that you know what it is to be with Him and how to get there. All the practicalities of leading worship mean nothing unless you know the God your worship is directed toward.

6. God, His love, mercy and salvation is for everyone! When we lead worship we are not just leading the excited faithful who are jumping and clapping, but we are trusted to lead everybody into His presence. You have no idea what the people have faced in the days or weeks prior to the service. Some need the encouragement to lift their eyes off of their circumstance and onto Jesus. We need to be showing everybody the way!!!