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From Our Prima Ballerina

Oct 12 2012

I used to be a ballet dancer in a company in South Africa, but for many years I had pushed the love of dancing to a little place somewhere in the back of my heart as I hopped around the world pursuing some of the other things I love doing. But God knows even the dreams and desires that lie dormant in the far reaches of our little human hearts, and lovingly He brings us to places where we can flourish in those areas again. After having moved to Australia from Dubai in August last year, it was such a delight to be a part of the team doing a number of dance items for ‘Colour Conference’. Only about a week before the first Colour Conference, I was asked to create a dance to go with the moment when ‘Colour 2013’ would be launched. Given the music, the instrumental of ‘Mighty to Save’ and the brief: A Revolution of Light, I literally popped up onto the beautiful big stage and just… danced. With rehearsals for all the other pieces I was involved in and the short time until the conference began I didn’t have much time to think through choreography.

ballerina 1 hillsong collected ballerina 2 hillsong collected ballerina 3 hillsong collected

Just by doing it on stage over and over, I feel like I developed a rhythm and with the well trained eyes of some of the team on me, giving me choreographic guidance, slowly a dance emerged. All that was left to me was the wonderful task of allowing my body to do what I think most of our souls feel like they are doing when we praise Jesus. Fly. And then breathe… (five minutes of flying can be tiring!). For the second Colour Conference at the Hills Campus, two wonderful friends joined me up on stage and we had the most special time trying to illustrate through the freedom of dance, how God sees His princesses around the world.

Love, Les
(Hillsong Dance Team)

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