Digital Storytelling. Your content defines you.

Nov 20 2012

Our Senior Pastor – Bobbie Houston – is a master of content creation. With 80+ articles currently written for Hillsong Collected, Pastor Bobbie understand the power of stories in the role of inspiring, engaging and bringing people along on the journey.

The content you create and publish shapes how people perceive you; it shapes your brand.

Like us, you would find that within the community of your church or organisation there are incredible stories of hope, love, miracles, transformation, breakthrough, provision, restoration, people finding purpose and so many other great stories just waiting to be told.

Churches that are full of life and that are active in their community can attract a lot of attention. The media, the critics, and the ordinary punter tell their own stories about your church or your brand.

They speak of their once off experience 10 years ago. They form perceptions based on the here-say of a brother-in-law's opinion over the dinner table. They gossip according to the way they imagine a “church like that” probably behaves. And why shouldn't they. There is nothing else to go off.

Unless we make some noise. Unless we tell our stories.

“…how can they hear without someone preaching to them” (Roman 10:14). Probably a terrible use of scripture, but it conveys the idea of 'how will people know the great stories from your church if you don't tell them?'

One of the joys of being on staff is how often I hear incredible stories with these themes. Often I think to myself, “if only my friends or family or neighbours could hear these stories, it would make them realise what we are actually all about.”

It's our responsibility to get these stories out for public consumption.

Stories of ordinary people loving God and loving people. Helping others find answers, hope and faith in an Almighty Living God whose name is Jesus. And this happens multiple times on a daily basis.

Telling these stories is why Hillsong Collected exists.

Our amazing Senior Pastor understands this – which is why she creates far more content than anyone else.

The challenge: start tracking down, recording and publishing those stories. You don't know whose walls might come down causing them to join you next Sunday to actually 'find out what your church is really all about' … Jesus' love for them.

Does your church have a blog? Do you have any creative ideas at getting content created, published and promoted? I'd love to hear them. Share your ideas below.