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Kidsong Inside & Out: Pt. 2

Dec 17 2012

Every year at Hillsong Church we gather people from all over the world and run Hillsong Conference here in Sydney. All of our teenagers get to participate in JAM, and our children come and hang out with our Kid’s Pastors and amazing volunteer team as we run Kidsong!

I get requests occasionally for what exactly we do for up to four days and five nights – especially when kids arrive at 9am and are back with their parents for a short break at about 4pm then back for our night sessions at maybe 6pm until pickup at 9pm.

This is part two of a series that will take you inside and out of our biggest event of the year, hopefully inspire and inform children’s pastors and leaders!

Click here to read ‘Kidsong Inside & Out Part One’


Every year we invest a lot of time in planning an experience that will impact kids and help them fall more in love with Jesus and His Church. Here is the break down of our themes and some videos to give you a picture of what we do all week. This week, we broke it down into 9 sessions one for each of the rallies/services we have.

First an explanation of terms: Big Picture (overall theme), Big Idea (creative title for session), Big Point (the one big thing we want kids to get from the lesson), Big Word (memory verse).

BIG PICTURE: The Greatest Story Ever Told

BIG WORD: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 (NIV)

BIG IDEA: Opening Scene
BIG POINT: The Bible is not just a book, It’s the greatest story ever told.
Summary – In the Beginning where it all began; creation, Adam & Eve.

BIG IDEA: The Fall
BIG POINT: We all need to be rescued and God has a plan.
Summary – Trouble in Paradise (The Fall), but God had a rescue plan!

BIG IDEA: Big Promises
BIG POINT: As many stars in the Sky, we are all God’s children.
Summary – Abraham, a look at Gods promise

BIG IDEA: Invasion and Escape
BIG POINT: God takes care of His people.
Summary – A look at Moses, God takes care of his people.

BIG IDEA: Rescued once and for ALL
BIG POINT: Jesus died for you and me.
Summary – Jesus, the great rescue plan God sets into motion.

BIG IDEA: With you always
BIG POINT: God sent the the Holy Spirit to help us.
Summary – To The ends of the earth, the Holy Spirit comes. The message of Jesus reaching all over the world through the great commission.

BIG IDEA: Extreme Adventures
BIG POINT: The great God adventure is to be shared.
Summary – Paul, Shipwrecks, Miracles, Jail Time, a look at the early Church

BIG IDEA: Just like me
BIG POINT: God uses children
Summary – Looking at a few of the children from the Bible

BIG IDEA: The Never-ending Story
BIG POINT: We are part of God’s Story
Summary – It’s now your turn, the pages of the Bible may be finished but the story isn’t over. Your life can still have God at work in it.

Here are some examples of the media we created to support this years theme.

One of the ‘Big Message’ video segments, it would be followed with preaching:

The Big Word memory verse song.

The three T’s. Now this is a fun way to present all of the important things we want kids to remember about conference (you would be blown away by just how many kids memorise the whole song, I know I am).

Highlights of the whole week conference

All of this content is created with the passion and desire to see kids really understand our theme and be impacted with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Any questions, put them in the comments below!

Dave Wakerley
(Hillsong Kids Pastor)

For more information on Hillsong Kids please visit and follow us on Twitter @HillsongKids and