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The Real Hope Of Christmas

Dec 6 2012

Christmas seems to come around quicker every year. Karalee tells me that it is a sign of aging. It's hard to argue with the facts. Christmas has got to be the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time to recollect thoughts, to take stock of the year past, to surround ourselves with those we love and to extend generosity wherever possible.

Christmastime brings people together; it is a time for reconnecting with others. For the most part, Christmas is a time where as a community we put aside our differences, religious and otherwise and come together. We come together for workplace parties, for children's school concerts, for Christmas markets and we come together as we gather in large crowds to sing well known and loved Christmas carols. It still blows me away that thousands gather across our cities to sing what are basically worship songs, telling so beautifully the story of God's love for the world, and His action to draw us back to Himself. Songs that proclaim the truth that He has sent us Jesus, the Saviour.

It is this ultimate act of reconnection that makes Christmas a season of great hope. The Bible teaches that while we were disconnected, broken and away from God, Jesus came and died for us (Rom 5:8). Through this first and definitive Christmas gift, God's generous and unmerited love has made it possible for us to reconnect with Him. This is the heart of Christmas. God didn't wait for the world, for us, to put everything back together. Instead, He reached into the middle of what was still messy – to save and restore us; and this is the true message of Christmas; that we have a Saviour.

For some, Christmas is the celebration of this fact. For others it is a season that highlights how estranged loved ones may have become and maybe even how far God may seem. But Christmas offers the same hope to all; a time to initiate reconnection with those we love, and a time to reconnect with the God who brings meaning to this very season.

May this Christmas be a time for peace and reconciliation within families, communities and between nations. May the hope of the first Christmas reverberate throughout this coming season, reminding all of us of the love of God; of the distinct reality that we indeed have a Saviour.


We Have A Saviour