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10 Things Kids Want From Parents

Feb 18 2013

I love that family is God's idea. In His wisdom, marriage is the best environment for children to be nurtured and cared for and to grow into mature adults who contribute to society and communities.

This week we finished school holidays and the ease and laid back mornings have once again become more hustle and bustle and urging as we strive to get out of bed, do homework, eat breakfast and make lunches in order to beat the school bell.

When we get home in the evenings there are so many practical things to be done to complete the day. In the midst of life, I don't want to miss the moments, the days and the weeks and the years in which my little people grace our home. My aim is to navigate the seasons well so that in time we have relationships that transcend seasons. Enduring love for each other that comes from the place where my children feel valued and loved.

Erin Kurt was a teacher who happened to have the insight to ask her students what they most liked their parents to do with them. She asked this same question every Mother's day for 16 years and then collated the answers into the top 10 responses.

Here are her findings //

The 10 things children wanted from their parents were…

1. Come into my bedroom at night, tuck me in and sing me a song. Also tell me stories about when you were little.

2. Give me hugs and kisses and sit and talk with me privately.

3. Spend quality time just with me, not with my brothers and sisters around.

4.Give me nutritious food so I can grow up healthy.

5. At dinner talk about what we could do together on the weekend.

6. At night talk to me about anything; love, school, family etc.

7. Let me play outside a lot.

8. Cuddle under a blanket and watch our favorite TV show together.

9. Discipline me. It makes me feel like you care.

10. Leave special messages in my desk or lunch bag.

I was encouraged again this morning as I read through the list and talked to my own children. In the midst of life this list is easy… most of these things come naturally. They are not expensive or hard, but they are thoughtful. I choose again today to be deliberate in the time I invest into my kids. To use these 10 easy ways to continue to communicate my love to them in order that I may reflect a God who loves them even more than I do.

Cass Langton | Head of Global Hillsong Creative