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A Letter To Those Who Will Come After Me

Mar 13 2013

The very first time I sang in youth choir was sometime 12 years ago! I was so excited, that I wore the choir colours (red and black) on my nails and arrived an hour early before the building was to be opened. I later hid my nails from embarrassment of over-enthusiasm, but I really didn’t care, I just wanted to sing for Jesus in any capacity that I could and wanted it to be excellent!

We don’t colour coordinate choir anymore, in fact many things have changed, many people have come and gone, and somehow today, I find myself leading a the team of singers who lead our church into worship every weekend. I find myself walking in what I dreamt of so many years ago and having to dream bigger…

Learning to lead our vocals team has taken me every minute of those twelve years. It has taken every ounce of compassion, forgiveness, discipline and endurance that I could muster. It has taken much courage and much more trust in Jesus.

If I could tell anything to the next person to take our team on, to help stand them up on my shoulders, I would tell them this…

Follow Christ Jesus, with all your might, strength and passion and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit with your personal life and public leadership.

Put the individuals on your team first at any opportunity. Just like you, your team have families to tend to, homes to take care of, neighbours to minister to, dreams to fulfil and songs to sing over people. Just like you, they get sick and need prayer, need help with meals, appreciate a kind and thoughtful phone call, want to serve but want to steward their gift with wisdom.

Just roll with the punches and know that the hard seasons are for stretching, not for stress.

Protect your team – know what is necessary to tell them and what is just not helpful and know when to push them to greater things and when to withhold. It’s all about the bigger picture – Don’t lose sight of it.

Get to know them beyond weekend platforms, hear their thoughts and allow them to contribute in creating a better team, know what their coffee order is – hang out with them, find out when they can’t sing and wish them a great weekend nonetheless, know their strengths and encourage them in those. Respect/value those who have paved the way before you and encourage/teach those who are on the journey. Lastly, keep your singing on the platform for your love of Jesus and telling people about Him. If you feel that it is time to sing for your own dreams, pursue it wholeheartedly off-platform.

Always be willing to share what you have learnt on the journey, and never ever be too cool to sing in the back row of the choir.

Love Esther. (Hillsong Creative Team)

The journey continues and each weekend is approached with great expectation. There is no doubt that this will be our best year yet, in Jesus’ Name. Team is family and family is for everyone.