Mar 31 2013


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Outrageous, this scene
Beyond all belief
An empty tomb before me
A dead man’s body raised for the sake of love?
Am I meant to believe
This God above
Has seen my heart’s filthy condition,
Shown me compassion
And accepted me?

My selfish compulsions-
To be trumped by His glory?
The things that I once chased-
A foolish man’s waste-
To be kicked curbside, as love takes their place?

His victory here is comprehensive,
This tomb, completely empty,
My God wins- wins convincingly.
Alive, He liberates me
From rule-keeping
and people-pleasing.
And with Christ as my case,
My sin is erased,
I stand, humbly bare-faced,
In His scandalous grace.

— Kylie Beach