Mar 30 2013

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Jerusalem you are a crazy place today-
Barrabas set free and this man crowned with thorns. Hung to die as one of three.
Who am I to watch this scene?

I am no trailblazer.
I’ve walked an ordinary path.
Done my best, like any man.

Yeah, there are days I’d take back.
Crazy days-like this-
That didn’t go to plan.
Days when I attacked.
Harsh words spoken too soon-
Biting. Cruel.
Rage is like a fuel.
Gettin’ too angry
Makes you a fool.

He knows alone.
I know it too.
Putting my needs centre-stage
Proud of being ‘self-made’
It didn’t work. It hasn’t paid.
I tried to reign and strived to rule.

And now here…
Can it be
that this stranger
who hangs before me,
and goes to his death so willingly,
knows my failure,
shows me favour,
could be my Saviour?

— Kylie Beach