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500 Project: Pens & Paper & Lessons With Love

Apr 5 2013

Vision Rescue works with street children in Mumbai and Calcutta, India who are not attending school. There are many reasons for this; sometimes they can’t keep up with the work, sometimes they have to work to support their families or perhaps simply there is no one around who cares enough to tell them to go to school.

Vision Rescue’s method is getting these children to attend non-formal education on a converted school bus and in the process feed them so that they want to come back again the next day. The aim is to transition them back into formal education so that they have a chance in life.

Vision Rescue feeds and educates around 900 children a day on these buses over the 2 cities and it can be easy to look at the numbers and see the mass rather than the individuals but Vision Rescue is all about the ONE… the individual children and their story. ‘Pens and Paper and Lessons with Love’ is not just a cute title for our 500 project – it is really what Vision Rescue is all about.

This is Manisha’s story.

“Eleven year old Manisha was very timid and lonely. Though she began coming to the bus, she always kept to herself and was not enthusiastic about mingling with other children. The teacher on the bus took notice of her. On spending time with her, she found that Manisha had lost both her parents when she was very small. She and her brother lived with her aunt in one of the Mumbai slums. She was missing her parents and the love and care she had when they were around. Life with the aunt was not the same. She was provided for but did not receive love or genuine care. Though she is enrolled into the 6th grade of the local government school, she was not interested in going to school.

500 Project Colour Sisterhood: Hillsong Collected500 Project Colour Sisterhood: Hillsong Collected
500 Project Colour Sisterhoo: Hillsong Collected500 Project Colour Sisterhood: Hillsong Collected

She began coming to the bus and was very non-responsive. On giving her special attention and care, she has come out of her cocoon. Now she is a changed person who has started to show interest in her studies and is regular and enthusiastic in the bus. She now actively participates in activities and appears to be more confident. Manisha’s hobbies are painting and drawing. She aspires to become a teacher, who has a great influence in the lives of others!”

This 500 Project is all about Manisha and the hundreds like her on the buses in Calcutta and Mumbai and the thousands like her who are not able to be reached YET… $500 provides the funds to put two children like Manisha on the bus, to feed them, to give them a chance at life, to give them pens, paper and lessons with love.

If you are interested in any of our 500 projects please visit where you can also donate online.