Is There Room for Everyone on Our Team?

Apr 30 2013

I sat and listened to one of the leaders on our team answer this question at team night and to be honest this is a very common, real question often posed to our leadership – is there room for me? It's easy to look around our church and in particular aspects of our creative team, usually the stage, and assume I am not needed because of all the talented people already serving and contributing their gifts.

The amazing thing about our church is we are always expanding and growing not only in numbers, services and locations, but in everything we do we seek to be excellent, creative and innovative. I could sit and tell you yes we need you because there is so much work to be done, but the truth is as we mature as a team I think we are looking for people who will offer who they are to our team and not just what they can do. This might all sound a little abstract, but it's been an unfolding revelation in my life and in my leadership recently. I don't want the people on my team to be overly concerned about where they are serving – the position, platform, service or location but understanding their place on the team is based on them being part of the team relationally. What they do, the contribution of a gift or a talent is simply an expression of who they are, and who they are is a living reflection of our Creator. So yes, there is room for everyone.

I taught a worship leadership class recently in our Bible College and the lecture topic was “be yourself”. Here's a thought – you can describe me all you want, you can list my attributes, my skills, my strengths and weaknesses. You can describe my personality and my physical appearance. You can know my background and my upbringing, which will give context to parts of me. You can know all about me without actually knowing me. I am just me regardless of what I do or what you know of me and isn't this the truth about our God. The great “I Am”. He just is. And that's just it, we have been made in His image – I am me! So I can certainly say gifts and talents aside there is room for everyone on our team. As a Christian you are a walking revelation of Jesus and that's what we are looking for. Your gift and what you can do comes secondary to who you are as a person, it is simply an expression and I believe that the more grounded and in love you are with God the expression of Him in us becomes uncontainable. So I would encourage, if your heart so desires- be part our team and as you “be” you will find yourself doing.



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